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FlowLighting Single Color LED Underbody Kit

FlowLighting Single Color


Availability: In Stock.

If you do not want fancy colors and patterns under your car, but still want a bright and durable underbody kit, the single color LED kit is perfect for you. There are a variety of patterns and music modes to keep you entertained if you get tired of a solid glow. Compared to a regular glass based neon kit (filled with compressed gas), the LED kit is much more durable. High intensity and WIDE viewing angle LEDs insure your glow stretches far and wide. Unless the tube is an inch off the ground, there will be no "spots" - a common problem with poor quality LED kits.

The single color kit comes with a super-thin eight button infrared remote control that places every feature at your fingertips. The remote even controls the music interface. You can step outside your car and control the whole show - wirelessly. The kit also includes a remote display that shows the current state of the lights so you don't have to open your door or stick your head out the window to see which mode or color is being displayed.

- 8-key super thin infrared remote control
- 10 normal display modes
- 10 speeds
- 8 music display modes
- Auto loop of all normal modes at power on
- Built-in microphone or line-in audio control
- Remote control volume sensitivity control
- Digital remote display
- Single color

Kit Contents
- 2x four-foot tubes with 15 feet of wire
- 2x three-foot tubes with 15 feet of wire
- 1x Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
- 1x Remote display
- 2x Remote control handset
- 1x Power supply wire
- 1x Line-in audio wire
- All necessary mounting hardware

A one-year limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

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Illusive Motorsports approved!

Reviewer: Illusive Motorsports (Concord, CA)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

I have done many installs with the flow lighting kit and even the inferno. Mounting hardware is great and make install easy. Great product for the price. I have had customers wreck the front end the plastic housing on the bar is completely destroyed and the leds bar inside is still working and going strong.

Good but included hardware was bad.

Reviewer: Brett L (MN)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

I bought this kit for the single color blue, I was not concerned about paterns, I just wanted simple installation and a good glow!

For what I wanted this product was great, exept for one thing, the hardware. I put these in using the included hardware, I took every precaution to make sure it was done perfectly, and used all of the hardware.

If I were you, I would not rely on the mounting hardware that comes with this kit. I installed it over the winter, went over a couple bumps on my local highway here in minnesota, and the back 3 zip ties broke loose and the bar dropped just low enough to hit a bump and take out a good section of LED. I am still running my kit with those LEDs out, but I really wish they had a warning on that for cold.

All in all, this is a great kit, just dont trust the zip ties. If the ties werent a problem I would have given it 5 stars in a heartbeat.

For me, next time I do a vehicle, I think I will go with the waterproof flexible LED strips with 3M backing for sale here:

Maby if I get a bit of money together in the future, I will fix this kit with those.

Again, Loved the kit, hated the breakable mounting.

keep doing your thing oznium, its awesome!

Great and Great Customer Service

Reviewer: Greg (Ohio)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

I've ordered two sets of these kits now and have been very impressed with them. But moreover, I've been very impressed with the customer service. The second kit came with a faulty ECU; I emailed customer service on a Friday and had the replacement on Monday. I couldn't have asked for better service.

Not as bright as they look on the internet

Reviewer: Silas Jordan (Bradenton, FL)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

They're actually very dim compared to my old streetglow gold kit.
And 3 led's were out upon arrival... which took over three weeks after I ordered.

Note from Its difficult to gauge the actual brightness through photos, as all cameras and settings vary. We're convinced though, that these baby's are BRIGHT. Perhaps you can try aiming the LED tubes differently? If you're still not happy, we'll give you a refund. We want you to be happy!


Reviewer: J-Bizzles (Ogdensburg, NJ)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

Very very bright! But stopped working after 24 hours. At first I thought it was a faulty ECU, but then realized one of the tube's wires got melted. I fixed the wire, and now it works great.

Kit #2 on the way...

Reviewer: Scott Borden (Hilton, NY)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

Going to be purchasing my second kit now for my new Scion tC cant wait to get them on and tear up the night! Going with the white this time. This product is amazing and I will pick Oznium over the other brands every time!

Quick, Easy, and Amazing

Reviewer: Scott Borden (Rochester, NY)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

I have had this kit for about 2 years now and I love it! I have had StreetGlow, Redline, LEDGLOW, and I have to say Oznium is the best!!! It was the easiest install I have ever done with an under body neon kit. Oznium is one of the only places that offers replacement parts at reasonable prices and my sponsors love it! So thanks Oznium I will continue to promote your amazing products.

Roc's Finest Imports!

Love it

Reviewer: Madison Angus (Kirkland, WA)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

I just installed this kit and it was very easy. The light is great. The only thing i have a problem with is the remote its hard to make it stop to a stop and not a strobe, other then that i love it


Reviewer: Dave (Milford, CT)
Item: FlowLighting Single Color

I recently purchased this kit, as I'm not a big fan of the multi-color patterns.. I wanted a solid kit, and that's exactly what I got. It lights up nice and bright.. Can drive to school in the morning with them on with people still able to see them.. Overall really like the kit, however, unlike the ICELED tubes, these DO kinda crush when you run them over... but that's another story. Rated 4 stars instead of 5 because I wasn't impressed at all with the 'Music' function of the LED's.. made them look moreso like they were shorting out than trying to match the music... meh, maybe it was what I was listening to.

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