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The Slimmest LED Dome Light on the Market

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Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

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Oznium is proud to introduce the slimmest LED dome light on the market. This dome light is made with very bright surface-mounted LED's which are attached to a thin circuit board. It takes only a few minutes to install.


Available in four sizes:
1.5" x 1.0"
1.5" x 1.5"
2.0" x 2.0"
5.0" x 1.5"

Which dome light fits my car?

Please measure the inside of your dome light housing, and then choose a size that will fit.

How to Install

1. Pop off the plastic dome or map light lens.
2. Pull out the old bulb.
3. Find the matching connector (we include 7 common sizes).
4. Plug it in, fit the new LED dome light in place, and put the lens back on.

That's it! Very easy, and a wonderful looking light when it's done.

We include the four most common bases with each dome light.

(These bases fit 99% of vehicles)
  • 194/168/T10
  • 1003 Bayonet
  • BA9S Bayonet
  • Festoon - adjustable spring loaded (27 to 44mm)

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Customer Reviews

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Scion xB2

Reviewer: Miles (Denver Area, CO)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

Got the largest size in PINK (5x1.5). Took 5 minutes to install. It was hard to get the wires to be tucked in the little bulb space around where the OEM bulb was supposed to go. Its easy install if you have one person holding a flashlight up towards the dome light and one person actually installing it. The adapter was fairly flexible. I received excellent customer service once again too.
Thanks Oznium

Long term performance

Reviewer: Christopher Kunkel (Riverton, UT)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

It seems that whenever you purchase something like this there always seems to be more positive then negative. For instance, the brightness is very good. And not very much info on the long term performance, which there should be more of. So you cannot get a really good picture about how good something may or may not be.

This a a review for long term use. rated service life is not close to what is being claimed. I purchased a few of these (3),so here is a list of what i have run into.

wire leads broke on 2 of the 3, ok no biggie resoldered those with better wire and secured them to the back of the led board so they can move and break.

brightness dimishes substantailly after 2 years. i had one that sat in a package for a few years that i compared it to, big difference. This is just opening and closing doors have not been on for any extended period of time out side of a couple of minutes at a time.

at least 2 to 4 LED's on every board I have gotten have suffered failure, and don't light up. these boards do not have very good thermal management. It took anywhere from 8 month on green (2) for 2 leds to stop lighting up,14 months on green (1) 4 leds stopped lighting up, 28month on the white one, 3 leds stopped lighting up. 2 boards with diminshed brightness, because the 2nd green has not been in use for a year.

Bottom line is this. These are very expensive for what they are, yea the led emits an awesome light, they are bright initailly. but a regular incandescent will smoke these led products in longevity, are far less expensive and maintain more useable light throughout its service life.

These led products do not have the egineering required to make the product last, average quality of materials, average soldering, poor thermal management.

Just OK

Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

I was hoping for more from this bulb. Looks cool but not as much light as I was planning on. A bit pricey. I trust the customer service is as good as people say. I'm going to keep it for a while and see what happens. Might try a cheaper option from Amazon next time I have $35 to spend.

These dome lights lose significant brightness after 3 years

Reviewer: Richard (Richmond, CA)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

When I originally put in a pair of LED dome lights, I was quite pleased with their brightness. However, after 3 years of just regularly use (not really used that much), I noticed a significant (25-50%) reduction in their brightness. If I had been forewarned about this tendency, I could've made a more informed decision if I wanted to spend that type of $$ for your LEDs. You emphasize how LEDs last over 50,000 hours with omitting an essential important piece of info: that most of those 50,000 hours the LEDs will be significantly less bright. Also, on one of my dome lights, the 2 wires soldered to the LED circuit board could be attached more solidly. They came apart and need to be resoldered.


Reviewer: Skediver (Hanford, CA)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

When I opened the package, the wires from the board did NOT have a connector. Not wanting to wait for another unit to be shipped, I soldered the wires directly to the correct festoon bulb unit. The LED Dome light worked intermittently. I put the original stock festoon bulb in and it worked fine. By now, I am angry. Then, the negative wire falls off the board. I solder the festoon wire directly to the board (a thicker wire which is better in my mind) Believing the problem is solved, I installed the unit and doesn't work! Of course, now the positive wire has fallen off the board. I soldered the positive wire directly to the board. After two hours of frustration, the Purple LED dome light works perfectly. I love the color and amount of light that floods my truck interior. As far as the quality of construction, it rates poor in my book. The wires coming off the LED board are too thin which causes allot of problems. For what I paid for this LED dome light, the wires should be a heavier gauge!!! I would have given 5 stars, if the board wiring and lack of connector hadn't happened.

Scion XB dome light

Reviewer: Brandon Robbers (Collinsville, IL)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

Super easy! It look like 2 minutes, I cannot wait until night time to see it. SUPER BRIGHT (1.5 X 1.5 blue)

Better than sex.

Reviewer: Ben C. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

These LED boards are brilliant. I just installed a 5x1.5" 14x LED board as a dome light in 'Cool blue' and the output is unreal. I have 20% tint all the way around my car (except windshield) and when these babies are lit, you can see inside my car, clear as day! This is at night, of course.

I also soldered a 470-ohm 1/2 watt 5% tolerable resistor (found at Radioshack or alike) so the LEDs go completely out when the dome is not lit. :thumbup:

I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks Oznium!

08 Wrangler X Dome Light

Reviewer: Tim (FL)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

Love it. Easy installation. Exceptionally bright.

LEDs are excellent

Reviewer: RSK (WA)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

Very easy to install and very bright. 2"x2" blue fits nicely into my Scion 2006 xB dome light housing. Only thing that could be improved is the length of wire that comes with it. A little too long if you are using it exactly for the stated purpose, but it still fits. Excellent service and everything came promptly.

Didn't strain my neck

Reviewer: Theodore Zuckerman (Ronkonkoma, NY)
Item: Ultra Thin LED Dome Light

Didn't strain my neck during installation because I positioned and stuck the panel to the dome light housing, while the housing was removed from my car, and was on my workbench, and I was looking down at it, instead of looking up at the housing, while it was in the car. A 2010 Toyota Matrix dome light. The housing comes out of the ceiling very easily, by squeezing 2 clips, diagonally opposite each other at the corners of the housing. If you center the 1.5 by 5 inch panel in the space that is available for it, one clip will be completely obscured. It would no longer be easy to remove the housing. You would have to first unstick the panel, before you could squeeze one of the clips. So I move the panel right up against the sliding switch. It looks fine once the lens is installed - more centered than if I had centered it. Now there is room to get a screw driver in to squeeze the clip that otherwize would have been completely obscured. I removed the double-sticky tape from the panel, where the panel partially obscures the clip, so that it doesn't interfere with squeezing the clip. I had to do several trial fittings to get everything just right. While doing this, one of the lead-in wires broke, right at the circuit board. I resoldered it. See the forum. I think the wires could have been attached more securely - by using some kind of potting material over the solder joints, and the ends of the wires near the solder joints, in order to prevent the wires from breaking, with mild to moderate tension on them, or with (not so) frequent bending of them. I'm taking a star off for the wires not being secured strongly enough.

The lamp is much brighter than the 5 to 8 watt incandescent, 27 mm festoon lamp, that it replaced. And uses only 3.5 watts acc to Oznium's Customer Questions page. However it isn't as bright as I would have hoped. I was hoping it would light up my car like the fluorescent lamp in my kitchen, lights up my kitchen. But it doesn't. Part of the problem is that the interior of my car is mostly charcoal black (dark gray, nearly black) - seats, carpets, door panels. If I add a second dome light, the rear one, and 2 LED map lights, maybe that will help. But that would come to about $110 total (not including shipping) for 4 panels. 4 incandescents would have cost about $6 or 7! I suppose I could save some money if I buy LEDs, circuit boards, and resisters, and wire my own LED panels.

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