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Waterproof, Stainless Steel Bezel - Push Button On/Off Switch, with LED Dot

LED Dot Switch

SilverRed LEDPre-wired$12.99
SilverBlue LEDPre-wired$12.99
SilverGreen LEDPre-wired$12.99
SilverAmber LEDPre-wired$12.99
SilverWhite LEDPre-wired$12.99
BlackRed LEDPre-wired$12.99
BlackBlue LEDPre-wired$12.99
BlackGreen LEDPre-wired$12.99
BlackAmber LEDPre-wired$12.99
BlackWhite LEDPre-wired$12.99
SilverRed LEDWithout Wires$9.99
SilverBlue LEDWithout Wires$9.99
SilverGreen LEDWithout Wires$9.99
SilverAmber LEDWithout Wires$9.99
SilverWhite LEDWithout Wires$9.99
BlackRed LEDWithout Wires$9.99
BlackBlue LEDWithout Wires$9.99
BlackGreen LEDWithout Wires$9.99
BlackAmber LEDWithout Wires$9.99
BlackWhite LEDWithout Wires$9.99

Availability: In Stock.
The dot in the middle lights up with an LED when the switch is on.

Push the button to turn it on. Push it again to turn it off.

Stainless steel, and IP68 rated. Fully waterproof from the the front at least....

You choose between three fancy colors: red, blue, or green. Or get all three :)


To save you time, these are available pre-wired with about 3 feet of wire, so you're ready to go right out of the box. Or if you want to add your own wires, the switches are also available without wires.

The mounting hole diameter is 16 mm (0.63 inches).
Need a drill bit? We sell metric 16 mm bits here.

Like any lighted switch, there's three wires to hook up, and here's how: the black wire goes to ground, the red wire goes to your constant power source, and the brown wire goes to the circuit you are powering.

Waterproof LED Dot Style Push Button Switch Waterproof LED Dot Style Push Button Switch Waterproof LED Dot Style Push Button Switchch Waterproof LED Dot Style Push Button Switch

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Awesome addition to my 20' daysailer

Reviewer: Wes (Evans, GA)
Item: LED Dot Switch

I bought two of these switches for my 20' open cockpit sailboat. I mounted them in one of the seat faces so that the wiring/back of the switch is protected inside one of the dry compartments, but the switch is easily accessible from the cockpit. The switch is very low profile, so no worries about it snagging/scratching against equipment or the backs of passenger's legs.

I'm using one for a master battery on/off switch, and the other for activating a bilge pump. The switches are well made, nice looking, and easy to install. If you don't have access to a 16mm (metric) drill bit, a 5/8" drill bit works great. I chose the blue LED color. They light up fairly brightly when activated so it's easy to tell whether they're on or off.

These are wonderful switches at a great value. And the customer service on the website was outstanding.

Great Button!

Reviewer: Jake (Clarkston, WA)
Item: LED Dot Switch

So far I have purchased two of these for various reasons throughout my truck, and they have worked great. It is very nice to have 3 feet of wire already on the switch! The button itself has a very bright led when it's on which makes it even more appealing to the eye. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants to install LEDs into their vehicle and wants a cool looking relay!

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