Waterproof? Sorry, not waterproof. But you could certainly use this strobe controller with any of our waterproof LEDs.

Length of each extension wire? 8 feet, so you can easily tuck the controller away in your dash, and have the strobes anywhere on the car. If you need to extend the wires, you can easily splice pretty much any kind of wire.

For now, this is only available as a kit (the individual components are not sold separately).

Choose between two color options:
White: comes with 4 cool white LED strobes
(for general attention-getting)

Blue/Red: comes with 2 red, and 2 blue LED strobes
(for pretenting you're a cop)

Use your own judgment. These are great for backroads, car shows, or just random fun :)

LED strobe kit

Still not convinced? In-depth 2 minute video product review: