This one too expensive for your project? We've got a much cheaper style here: 12" Scanning LED Strip - Knight Rider Style

The Iceled Scanner is a 20-inch long tube. It has 72 separate red, green and blue integrated LED elements, which together provide a directly viewable scan array.

Based on the same principles as all other Iceled light sources, using no more than a 12 Volt DC supply, this Scanner can be left to scan through the 2 million colors on its own, or can be frozen to scan on any particular color.

Better yet, connecting its data wire to an Iceled controller gives control over the scan color and pattern. Linking the Scanner to UFO for example will synchronize the two systems so that each UFO pattern produces a unique scan in complimentary colors. This extends to sound reactivity, so the Scanner patterns also respond directly to music!

Optional Zap+ controller

With just two buttons you can dial-up any static color, produce a phasing color sweep, have colors beat to the music (using the built-in microphone), or create a strobe effect with a variable flash-rate.

- Standby/Bypass Effectively turns off light-sources by blacking them out or passes through external Iceled data if present
- Static color Provides fine-tuning of any particular hue or shade
- Phasing color Automatically creates smooth sweeps through one of four different color ranges
- Beat to color Sequences random colors in time with an audio beat, with adjustable fade-out
- Strobe Produces maximum intensity flashes in time with an audio beat or from an adjustable time-base

Settings for each mode are stored in a non-volatile memory. You can disconnect the power and not lose your settings.