Sold per ring.
If you enter a quantity of "1", you will receive "1" ring.
If you'd like "2" rings, please enter a quantity of "2".

Popular of course for headlights, or you can easily integrate into cool taillight designs.
Or use for anything else where you need a super thin, yet bright LED ring.

Just 2.5mm wide!

Incredibly thin, it easily blends in with your headlights clean aesthetic during the daytime. But during the night, it makes them pop with a sweet glow effect.

12 volt ready, so just hook up the 2 wires to any 12v source. You could tap into your headlight wires, running light wires, or even run a wire inside the car to an on/off switch.

You should also check out the Remote Control Dimmer & Strobe Switch, which is a great product to control these remotely.