The product we've all been waiting for has arrived: Not only a 12V Remote Switch, but a 12V Remote Switch that includes an 8 stage LED dimmer. Oh, did we mention it includes strobe capability too? Snatch a few before we sell out, as they will be this year's hot item!

From now on (starting from July 1st, 2014), one receiver comes with TWO remote controls!
All of our remote switches include a basic On/Off function. But this unit boasts even more capabilities:
Wig-wag strobe LED
  1. Built-In Auto Dimmer: Automatically cycles through from dim to bright (like a heartbeat) at the touch of a button
  2. Choose between 1 to 8 levels of brightness (and pause on that brightness level)
  3. 6 Strobe / Flash modes (get attention)!
  4. Strobe mode has two output channels for a wig-wag effect

This slick little unit, while packing a small footprint achieves 30+ meters of radius with no effort at all, so feel free to control your setup and dazzle an audience from across the parking lot, meadow, creek, or wherever you're parked! No more running back and forth to your car to control your LEDs. Take your light show to the next level.

Want to use this unit in a home or retail setting? It's easy! Just install one of our AC Adapters to the 12V power inputs, and this unit is ready to be setup anywhere. Create instant serenity in your home or retail / restaurant setting with the ability to dim the lights.

As with many of our other products, the only limit as to where this product can be used is your own imagination.

These things are going to sell like a bottle of cold Evian a week into the "Burning Man" festival, so take advantage of the price now, while you can!

If your fuse is broken, you can purchase Fuse (2 Amp, 20mm Length, 5 mm Diameter)for replace.

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Comes with two remotes plus the receiver box:

The dimmer strobe switch won't work if the inline fuse is broken.

You can find the replacement fuse (2 Amp, 20mm Length, 5 mm Diameter) here