Super Bright Motorcycle LED Flood Light - Prewired Motorcycle LEDs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can these be used as tail lights for a motorcycle ? - by Daniel
I see the specs as, Minimum voltage: 8V and Maximum voltage: 24V

Am I right in assuming that if the normal operational voltage is 12v, and there are intermittent supplies of 18v, that the intensity would increase during that time? My idea is to use this as a motorcycle tail/break light. - by Matthew (New Market, Virginia)
Regardless of the voltage you supply (in the 8-24v range), the brightness still stay the same.
tell me about the eclipse spot/flood to be a (DIY) light for night giggind salt water - by Roger (north port fla)
The Eclipse is a bigger and brighter light for fishing. Full waterproof in the 20 and 50 watt: https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/super-bright-10w-20w-led-spotlight
I want to place two or three of these flood lights on a bracket fairly close to the engine and exhaust of my motorcycle. As a best guess, do you think the LED flood lights would be able to handle the heat? How about the coating used for the black casing and the wiring?
It depends on what you mean by fairly close, they can handle some heat.
Is a relay needed with the flood lights on a motorcycle?
How long are the installed wires and what gauge are they? - by Anton (Greenville, NC)
3 ft of wire, 20 gauge.
Can you suggest a way to mount these to a HD Street Glide. The SG is in the touring category of bikes with a fairing. The only mounting option I can think of are clamp-on fork brackets. Just wondering if you or perhaps any past customers had any suggestions. - by Tony
Cable ties, screws/bolts, epoxy, etc. Or fabricate some nice metal mount.
Two questions: how can I mount these to a motorcycle and is a load equalizer needed? Thanks. - by Tony
You can mount these with any number of creative ways: epoxy, 3M tape, tiny bolts, cable ties, etc. Just totally depends on your application and what you think works best.

Since you're referring to a load equalizer, it sounds like you're planning to use these for turn signal lights. It depends... But can't say for sure until you try it. Please go ahead and try it, and if they flash too fast, then you can add a load equalizer.
will these work with bmw canbus systems - by Rock (GADSDEN,AL)
No idea. Give it a try though. You're always welcome to return them.
What gauge of wire is recommended for these lights?
18 is fine
Would this flood light be suitable as an auxiliary brake light on a sport motorcycle?
You're welcome to use it for that.
Whether it is bright enough for your needs is a bit subjective. But give it a try and see what you think?
Can a series of the white LEDs or even a range of colors be used to create a video camera light? - by Diego (El Paso, Texas)
Yes of course!
purchased 2 orange units. awesome craftsmanship,,,,WAS wondering if i could get units with a more directional beam..10*-20*. do you sell accessories such as lenses and mounting brackets??? maybe a small tube over led to lessen the flood effect. waiting on your feedback,,,thanx - by Stephen (staten island, NY 1)
Yes of course:
You purchased our High Intensity LED Flood which has a wide 120 degree beam.
You should purchase our High Intensity LED Spotlight which has a narrow 25 degree beam.

Sorry, we don't offer lenses nor mounting brackets.
How big are they? - by Bob
Dimensions of LED Flood
Could this be a fog lamp for motorcycle?
Do you have any photos or videos of the light output and range in a dark environment. Can't tell the quality & output of the LED flood light in the video inside a room.
I'm sorry, we don't. We'll set up the cameras and see if we can do this for you.
So these are like 1W LEDs, and waterproof?
They are similar, yes.
What is the brightness / output and power consumption? - by Frank (USA)
That information can be found on the Technical Page https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-floodlight#tech.