Motorcycle LED Strips - Super Bright, Durable, Waterproof and ultra efficient! - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Will these work with you mini dimmer knob without the flickering or is there a different strip you suggest?
The dimmer knob will work fine with those strips.
ok ok do I put them on my plastics or do I mount them on my fram whats the best way ??? trying to avoid taking plastics off - by Eugene (Cleveland, TN)
Either way, other customers have installed on the fram.
what power source should I use on my sport bike I want to do this my self... I see people talking about batters and such..... can I hook them right in to my battery or a fuse not sure no instruction in my package - by Eugene (Cleveland, TN)
Yes, wire to your battery or fuse box.
I have a 2014 r1 and my question is can I wire these directly to the running light wire I want to just strip a little piece from the running light wire and wire the strip leds - by Lou (Pittsburgh pa)
can I have to hook the positive wire to a fuse and the negative wire to a ground like a bolt or something like that,do you wire them just like you would a light fixture ? - by Gene (billings, mt.)
They are DC only, you would need to use an adapter if wiring to 110 voltage: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
i wanna mount led strips under my mopad and at nighgt when i turn my headlights on i want the leds to turn on to can i just hook the strips to the headlight wire - by cory (anderson)
Not problem wiring like that.
Can I hook up two 12 inch led stripes to a 9v small square battery? I see an earlier comment that said you can cut and hook up to 2AA batteries. If not, can your company make this type of product?
These are made for 12v, 9v might be dim.
If I order a 38 inch led strip, will I get a pair of 19 inch strips or, a solid 38 inch led strip? - by Jean (Miami, FL)
If you order a 38 inch LED strip, you will get a 38 inch LED strip.

If you want two 19 inch strips, please order two 19 inch strips.
What is the width of the led strips? Also looking to just get between 12 to 15 led lights, how long of a strip will have that amount of light?
You'll see that the width is .275", and the 4.7" LED strip has 12 LEDs.

You can find this information & more by clicking on the "Technical Info" tab.
What's the best power source to hook up to - by Hector (Fresno ca)
Any 12 volt source.
What is the best height off the ground for the best effect for a ground effect? - by Paul (Bessemer, Alabama)
Anywhere from a few inches to a few feet.
What is the easiest way to change out a strip? I moved to another state and they do not allow the blue I currently have. Is there an easy way to cut and splice the wires at the strip without using bulky crimp connectors? - by Jim (Boca Raton Fla)
The least bulky splice I can think of involves solder and heat shrink. Its not necessarily the easiest, unless of course you're comfortable with the methods and tools. The easiest is probably a simple crimp connector.

Made you a nice diagram:
LED Wiring splice
In the photo of the motorcycle front wheel, how are the green led's attached to the rotor cover? That is the look I'm wanting. - by Eric (Shreveport, la.)
Probably a creative combination of any of the following: cable ties, 3M double sided tape, glue, etc.
wanting to use these on a atv, could be submerged in mud and water. will they work for this application? - by jason (dallas)
It could work just fine, but depending on how rough the environment is, the lifespan could be decreased.
what kind of glue can I use to mount the LED strips?
Any type will do.
How could I use these in showing my turn signals are still on? - by Charles (Fort Worth, Texas)
Run the positive and negative wire to your turn signals.
How many amps do they us and can i us ten amp inline fuse for my 2.4 leds - by Adamgares (Bellevue, NE)
The pulled amps vary on the length used and color. The information for this can be found on our Technical Information page: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips#tech . One 2.4" strip pulls between 14-27mA. That means .014-.027 Amps. Ten amp fuse would be extremely to large. I suggest a 2-3 amp fuse at most.
what controller do i need for a single color led strip? And i would also like to have a wireless remote. - by Tom (Minnesota USNA)
can they be set up to be used on a pedal bike (nite riding) - by Ronz
Yes! We'd love photos!
How many bulbs per inch are on a strip?
Please see : https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips#tech
Will the Flexible LED Strips withstand the heat from a Harley engine if mounted above the engine under the fuel tank? - by Russ (Texas)
Unfortunately, we haven't tested the heat it can withstand. However, I know a few customer who have their flex strips in their engine, and it works great.
On the flexable led's what size wires come out of them to connect to? - by chris
18-20 Gauge
could i connect these in parallel with my taillights to turn on when my taillights turn on? - by alex
can you advise me which control module is hooked up to these lights?
Please follow this link...
can the flexible led strips & weatherproof ribbon strips be mixed together controlled by one brain on a bike? i'd like to mix because of the different size applications
Flexible LED Strips have a common Positive wiring system, while the ribbon strips are common negative
which is brighter? flexible led strips or weatherproof ribbon strips?
Waterproof Ribbon
are these flexable in more then one direction?if so which directions.thanks - by michael (georgia)
They are flexible in all directions
If i have 5 separate Million color strips. Can they be wired so that they are the same color when they change or will 5 strips be 5 different colors? - by joe
It is possible to wire them to a single controller. If you wire them to a single controller, they will change at the same rate.
Does each set of lights have to be wired directly to a switch or can they be connected in series with the closest light set connected to the switch? What kind of switch do you recommend? - by Jim (Frisco, TX)
You can hook up multiple LEDs to one switch.

They shouldn't be wired in series though. They should be wired in parallel.

The round rocker switch is a popular choice.
i want them on a raptor 700r as headlights how long should the flexible led strip be to do the best performance and how do i mount them - by ivan (brooklyn new york)
Sounds like a nice application. There is no specific length required. It is totally up to you, and how you want to install them. Obviously, the longer the strip, the brighter it will be. There are many ways to mount them: cable ties, glue, tape, etc.
can i use 1 strip and make a tail lite / brake lite combo? - by Frank (greensboro NC)
It is possible, but you'd have to use a pulse width modulator to control the brightness.
Will these work with the existing battery on my moped (its 12 volt battery) or will I need additional battery or equipment?
Yes they will work just fine. They are ready to work on any 12 volt power source.
What is the best way to mount these LED Strips?
There are many ways to mount them: cable ties, glue, tape, etc.