Length: about 13 inches long / just over 1 foot

An intensely bright & vibrant eye-catching 12V flexible LED strip that will be sure to get your project; be it auto, home, or retail / commercial not only noticed, but more importantly - remembered !

      We offer two versions of our super-bright scanning LED strips to work for a variety of projects. Use our 'single direction' scanning LED strip to get attention towards your business, retail or commerical - or use directly on your work crew / utility / law enforcement vehicle to safely divert traffic away from your vehicle. (Just rotate the strip upside down to change the direction, wasn't that easy?)

Use the RGB 'color' of each strip to get an intense rainbow at your fingertips featuring numerous colors, minus the Phish concert and bootleg t-shirt peddlers!
  • Single Direction 12V Scanning LED Strip :
    •   Ideal for additional Signal / Safety Indicator LED Lighting (Automotive, Motorcycle & Retail Establishments.)

  • Double Direction 12V LED Scanner Strip :
    •   Go for the classic "Knight Rider" "K.I.T.T" car look, or just "dress to impress" - Team up our "Red" double direction scanning LED strip & our exclusive "Remote 12V DC On/Off" Switch to fool your friends into thinking your car is voice activated !

    • A Brilliant Add on To Any Vehicle Security System & hood-scoop - The Ultimate LED Upgrade for your ride!

    As with all of Oznium's exclusive & innovative LED Strips, your product has an iron-clad one year warranty including a guarantee that 100% of our LED Strips are free from any defects.