Bi-color Waterproof LED Strip - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I'm interested in a white amber combo.
I need 12 volt and 2.5 inches long, can I safley put the face of these against a acrylic light diffuser I would need 15 of them. Not sure if it's important but I do need them to be addressable as I am gonna wire them to do sequential.
Yes, they can be mounted that way, no heat issues. If you have another controller for the sequential modification that should work fine.
If I wanted the red/amber strip for running/break + turn signal, how do I get the dimmer light output for the red "running" light that turns on when the headlights are on vs the bright red "break" light? I know I can use the switchback driver to turn off the red when the turn signal is on, but how do you get the two red brightness levels?
We offer a dual intensity brake light driver that makes the brake less bright: https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/dual-intensity-brake-light-driver
if using it as a running/parking light red color and a brake brighter red color and then amber as turn signal is there a delay as far as the brake lighting up and are the lights sequential ?
No delay, the lighting is not sequential.
to follow up on question from Jim above about application to golf cart, Running lights white and turn signals amber, what advantage would the switchback driver provide if you wired it as you suggested? - by Robert (The Villages)
Your vehicle has headlights that are constantly lit and turn signals that only light up when the signal is on.

If you don't use our Switchback Driver, you could connect the Bi-Color LED Strip so that the White is constantly lit with the headlight circuit, and the Amber lights up when the signal is on. This would look a bit funny, as the White would overpower the Amber.

If you DO use our Switchback Driver, the White will turn off when the turn signal is on, and the Amber will turn on. In addition, the Switchback Driver will shortly delay the White turning back on after the Amber is off.
I would like to use the bi-color as side marker lights as well as turn signals on a golf cart, can you please tell me how to wire it in simple terms. Thanks Jim - by Jim (The Villages Fl.)
At the most basic level, they can be controlled by applying power to the wires.

There's three wires coming out.

One wire is a common positive.

The other two wires are negatives that control each of the colors.

So for example, if you want the Cool White LEDs to turn on, you can simply apply 12v to the common wire in the middle, and 12v- to the wire corresponding to the Cool White.

Or if you want to Amber LEDs to turn on, you can simply apply 12v to the common wire in the middle, and then 12v- to the wire corresponding to the Amber.

Or if for some reason you want both colors of LEDs on at the same time, you can apply 12v to the common wire in the middle, and then 12v- to the other two wires.

You may find it useful to use our Switchback Driver.

Wiring for bi-color LED Strips
Is it possible to order 6 inch strips for a lower price instead of 20 inch? Thank you - by Spencer (Mass)
Its possible, but only if you're order a significant quantity (say 100 pcs).
Otherwise if you're just ordering a few, we'll actually charge you more for a custom 6 inch strip because it will require extra handling time.