Ultra-Flexible 12v Tri-chip LED Strip Lights - Plug And Play! - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I am considering the possibility of using several of your AMBER LED strips (perhaps up to 8 strips) to make my own rooftop emergency light bar for escorting oversize loads. Each section would be wired individually to a control box that would alternate a flash pattern. However, for obvious reasons, it would be necessary for the lights to be seen at a considerably far distance during the day, as well as at night and the LEDs would need to have a lengthy life expectancy (holiday LEDs boast up to 100,000 hours). I would run the LED strips horizontally inside a somewhat reflective housing and they would wrap around each end for side exposure and be at length in the front and back of the unit. In addition, the LED strips would be protected by a narrow strip of polycarbonate plexiglass shielding. I am on my second commercial light bar and haven't been greatly pleased with either one; consequently, I have developed my own ideas regarding what I would like. So, would your light strips emit a visibly long-range light (day or night), last a very long time (how long?), and does my application idea sound honestly feasible to you or would you suggest another option? Please be as precise and honest as possible. Thank you. - by Jack (Minneapolis MN)
These strips are very bright and can be seen during the day, not sure of the distance though. Would be very bright at night especially flashing and moving. Customers have reported these lasting 2-3 years. Here are two more options you might consider: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/super-thin-ribbon-led-strips OR https://www.oznium.com/home-led/tri-chip-led-tube
Are these brighter than your pre-wired led ribbon strips? The ribbons have more leds but these are the 5050....can u help me understand what to use? Thanks
The Tri-Chip are going to be brighter.
What is the wavelength generated by the LED light? - by John (Mesa)
I'm very sorry, buy we don't have that information available from our supplier. Once we recieve that information, we'll post it up in our Tech page.
are these considered the 5050 led strips compared to the 3528 strips?
These are 5050 LEDs.
What would be required to join 2 strips to run as one continuous strip? Would it ruin the water and weather proofing?
Take the positive wire from one strip and the positive wire from the other strip strip and connect them together using tape, solder, or connectors. Then run those to your power source. Same for the negative. They'll still be waterproof.
Would you recommend running a 12V voltage regulator when using these LEDs as running lights in a car in order to protect them from voltage fluctuations in the electrical system?
Use a fuse.
do you have factory ends to install per soldering
Sorry, not really sure what you are asking. Maybe this link is your answer? https://www.oznium.com/connection-cable
I tried using a switch on this flex strips but my fuse keeps blowing, are they not for switches because I don't like them on all the time when the car is on, is there there something wrong with what I'm doing??? - by Hector (Yorkville)
The strips work with switches, you probably need a fuse.
I have multiple customers with the Side emitting LED strips. One problem is I'm facing more and more cars that I am not able to use these strips. Because the lights are on top of the strip, would these be a good type of strip to use in place of the side admitting strips? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)
These LEDs would face upwards. The side-emiting would face outward. These strips would be larger (wider) since you'd have to mount them facing outward.

It's up to you if it suits your needs better.
What would the k value be for the cool white in this lighting, thinking of using it in a marine reef aquarium . - by Jim
Sorry, we don't have this information yet on this product, but it is bright.
could these lights be used in a water fountain application?
How many amps does each 1 foot section of light strip need? Thanks! - by Sean (San Francisco, CA)
.07 to 011 depending on color.
Can I get these strips in 3 foot lengths? - by Aja (Naples, FL)
I'm sorry, but we do not have them in 3-ft lengths.
are these brighter than the heavy duty tri-chip, or do they use the same leds? - by Maurice (Sauk Village, IL)
They use the same LEDs.
Is there any plans to /develop use these Tri-Chip LEDs or similar on an updated Side Emitting "Headlight" LED Strip?
No, not at this time.
How does this compare with Side Emitting "Headlight" LED Strip in terms of brightness? - by Niko
This is much brighter.
Can you tell me if you have a strip available for a 1 ft. tailite that would include stop -running & brake lights in one unit or would I have to run separate strips?
You'd have to have 2 strips to do that.
When I cut every 3rd LED, can I use the strip that I cut and solder on to the rest of the other LED strip? I see that there's a positive/negative sign every 3rd. Though its not really clear since I'm viewing this on my cell.

I think another customer asked the same question but just want to be sure.

-thanks - by City7o2 (vegas)
Yes, if you cut, you can reuse the end you cut by soldering.
i am going to be using these in a custom motorcycle application for the brake lights in two separate strips on both sides of the bike. is there availability for custom lenghts or do i need to buy 2 strips and cut them down to what i need? thank you-brad KC, MO - by Brad (Blue Springs, MO)
This product is available in 1 foot lengths. We can certainly make a custom length, but we'd ask for a minimum order of at least a few hundred strips.

Perhaps you should consider our Waterproof Ribbon LED Strips which are already available in a wide variety of lengths to suit your needs.
will these be available in neutral white? - by Grant (Houston, TX)
No plans for this.
are these strips any brighter/do they use the same LEDs as the pre-wired led strips? - by Jamie (Landenberg, PA)
The brightness is the same. While these use brighter LEDs, the prewired LED strips use more LEDs.
I know that the ribbon appears to be able to bend from front to back very easily, but is there any up/down flexibility at all? The application I want to use these for is flat, but makes a wedge shape at the bottom. Would these have enough give to contour to the wedge, or would the flexible led strips be more suited to my application?
There is a little, but not too much.
I will be using glass radiator hoses made by Killerglass which you have done business with and was wondering if the adhesive is on the back of the strips, how did you get them to run along the bottom side of the radiator hose with the LED's facing up? - by Kevin (Winnipeg, Manitoba,)
You wouldn't be able to use the adhesive on the bottom for that application. You'd have to rig up something else. Possible solutions: attach the strip to something under the Killer Glass, use a similar double-sided tape and put it in places in between the LEDs so it doesn't block any light.
Can these be mounted in the engine bay, and what is the temperature rating of the strips? I will be showing off the engine bay of my car and want to know if there are any areas to avoid because of heat. - by Kevin (Winnipeg, Manitoba,)
The temperature rating has not been tested. However as long as the strips are not mounted to anything that gets too hot (like exhaust manifolds or radiators), it should be just fine. Many customers have used various flexible LED strips in their engine bays with great results.
If I cut the ends, can I add strips in series so that I can have a 3' continuous strip? I have excellent soldering skills. - by Jeff (Austin, TX)
Yes. You may also want to consider our Pre-wired Waterproof Ribbon LED Strips which are already available in a pre-wired 3 foot section.
what is the distance between each LED - by George
From the center of each LED, the distance between each LED is 1.3 inches.
how thin are these strips?
3mm thin.
Do these ribbons get cut every 3 LEDs like the LED strips, or can they be cut after any LED I choose? - by Jason (Houma, LA)
You could cut at every 3 LEDs if you wanted
can i cut these? - by Douglas (Ingleside, TX)
can i run these off of your 12V Dimmer and Strobe Remote Switch - Plug & Play? - by Joe
If you order 4 separate strips is there any way to interconnect them besides splicing the 1ft wire leads together? - by Fernando (Orange County CA.)
Not at this time. Any connector we could use would destroy the extremely thin and small footprint of this strip. Thanks for understanding!
Does the yellow strip emit a yellow glow or amber? if amber, which of the colors will be closest to yellow?
Warm White would be the closest natural 'yellow' color, but it will not be a day cast yellow, but a warm one. The 'Yellow' , like most other LEDs is more of a pumpkin amber, as seen in the 'More Photos' section - Regardless of the color, they are sure to impress. Looking forward to your order!
If i want 4ft do I just put in 4 as the qty. when added to my cart. Will it come as a complete 4ft long strip or would it be 4 separate 1ft long strips? - by Fernando (Orange County CA.)
Good question! When you order a quantity of 4, you will receive 4 separate 1ft strips.
Can you cut these like your ribbon leds and re-solder new leads?? Looks like there is a 12v+, Red Green, and Blue connection. - by Travis (Eagle, ID)
Will the lighting be evenly in all direction (180 degree)? - by Michael (Tacoma, WA)
The angle is closer to 110 to 130 degrees.
How is it plug and play can you show pictures?
More pictures will be coming soon.
The plug in application is 2 wires, positive and negative that will hook directly up to a 12V source. You may also use our AC Adapters to allow you to plug into a standard 110V outlet.
Exactly how long are these? I didn't see anything in the description. - by Austin (Mineral Wells, TX)
These are 1 foot long.

With 9 perfectly spaced LEDs per foot, you can be sure to get that even light spread we all desire, even when mounted close to another surface. These over-sized LED modules throw a wide spread angle of light, which always is pleasing for ambient lighting purposes.