Splash-proof & Reliable - Super Thin Ribbon LED Strips - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is the dimming of these LED strips managed by varying the voltage fed to them
Basically yes, you can easily accomplish that by using a dimmer knob: https://www.oznium.com/switches/mini-led-dimmer-knob
Which color of white would I use to use on the lift gate of my van? I need something brighter than the oem light for night time.
I would suggest the cool white, which is the brightest white or the neutral white. Both would provide a lot of extra light.
Do you make solderless connections to hook these together ?
No, we offer other connection pieces but that would depend on what you are connecting it to: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/dc-barrel-adapter
Can this LED light strip safely run on 12VAC power without damaging or shortening the diode lifespan? If so, is the warranty still valid?
No sorry, can only be used on 12V DC.
How wide is the Super Thin Ribbon LED Strip? I looked everywhere before asking, but I can't seem to find an answer. I apologize if I missed it.
The dimension of the Super Thin Ribbon LED Strip is shown in the Technical Info section. For 3-foot version, dimension is "1000(L) x 4.3(W) x 2.3(H) mm" so the width of the strip is 4.3mm (0.17").
Can these super thin led strips be "twisted" or "bent" in order to adhere them to the back of 5-inch cast-metal house numbers, so that each number will be illuminated?
If you can have the LEDs shine to the side instead of to the back it could work.
Are the lights thin enough to fit inside the door well. And can they be wired to operate when you open your door - by Greg (Hawaii)
Thin is of course a relative term.
For example, the door well of a miniature RC toy car is much different than the door well of a huge semi truck.

The actual dimension of the strip is 0.18 inch wide by 0.1 inch tall.
Perhaps you can measure your actual door well and then determine if there's enough space.

You can wire them to operate when you open your door.
are these lights bright enough to use as brake lights? - by Gary (seattle)
It's subjective whether they are bright enough. Some people may think they are bright enough, while others may not.

As you can see from the Technical Info tab, a 3ft red puts out 240 lumens.
How do they adhere? Is it a 3M backing? - by Kelly (United States)
We don't include a 3M backing, but you're certainly welcome to use a 3M tape to mount them if you'd like. Depending on how you're installing them you could use 3M tape, glue, epoxy, cable ties, mounting clips, pressure fit, etc.
can they be attached to batteries....like button batteries - by Leslie (san diego)
I want to cut the 3 foot strip into 4 inch segments and will need to power each segment as I am trying to use as tail lights. Is this possible? - by Bill (Florida)
There is a solder point every 0.5m (or 19.685 inches). If you need a ~4 inch segment, you'll have a bit of wasted strip, but you should still be able to do it.
How long are the segments of 3 lights that can be cut? - by Alice (United States)
1 inch.
I understand that they are not water proof, but are they water resistant?
They are covered with a clear heat shrink tube. The only place water could possibly get in is at the ends of the strip.
Does it come with a pair or just one strip?
If you order a qty of "1", you will receive "1" strip.
If you need a pair, please order a qty of "2".
Can these strips be wired end to end to create say a 6' strip? - by Joe (Filer, Idaho)
There is wiring on one end but they can be wired end to end using the existing wiring.
Yes, but only with an adapter: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
How do the leads attach to the strips once they are cut
You can cut the strips between every 3 leds, if the strip is cut once you still have wiring on each side to link to power.
How many MN21/23 or A23 (both 12v) will I need to power one of these strips? Will I need more than 1 [in series] in order to power these? - by Travis
If you wire batteries in series, the voltage is multiplied. If you wire batteries in parallel, the voltage stays the same, and the amp-hours is multiplied.
It wouldn't make sense to wire them in series.

You could wire the strips to just 1 x 12V battery, and if you wanted the batteries to last longer, just wire more batteries in parallel.
I just bought so I could cut them every third led but the next printed plus and minus sign is about a foot and a half down the 3 for length. How do I know where to cut? - by Tim (Albuquerque, NM)
Just cut between every 3 leds, there doesn't need to be a mark there.
Can the lights be dimmed?
Yes, of course.
Can you string more than one strip together to make it longer? - by Peter (United States)
Yes, it's possible.
Can these super thin led strips be cut to size or do you have to use them the length they are? - by Debby (Kettering, OH)
You're welcome to cut between every third LED.