20 inches long.

Our brightest, most popular LED strip has just gotten a serious upgrade and then some.

We are proud to introduce an Oznium exclusive, the Heavy Duty Tri-Chip Waterproof LED Strip.

We've taken our strongest, brightest, and most durable Tri-Chip LED Ribbon strip, redesigned & added the following features shown below, that are sure not only to impress, but guaranteed to simply leave you in awe. (and that's before you see them in person)

After tireless months of research & development, based upon customer input & market research, a new LED Strip has come to light.

Specifications / Features:

.: HydroGlow Waterproofing Technology :
Offers iron-clad protection, in any environment or weather situation you can throw at it. Reinforced super strong silicone skeleton ensures easy cleaning and added sheet of armor against the elements.
.: Waterproof Side-Mounted Pigtail Connectors :
1 on each end, for a true 100% plug and play install, no cutting wire is needed to expand. Side-mounted for seamless side to side-installs.
.: Waterproof Pigtail Terminator :
Includes (1) plug terminator on each strip, so no cutting is required, even if you're just connecting 1 strip.
.: Heavy Duty 3M Very High Bond (VHB) :
Upgraded, rugged 3M VHB bond foam adhesive is included with every strip for a fast, easy, simple installation, that will stay mounted for years to come.

Features (15) Tri-Chip SMD LEDs, each producing a 140 degree wide-angle flood viewing ange for a full spread intense beam of light. Each 20 inch strip produces ~195-200 lumens @ 250 mA / using only 3 watts power.

TIP: All units include quick connects / disconnects with (1) termination plug, making these strips 100% plug-and-play, and hassle-free. No cutting, soldering, or time wasted!

First Timer: Your first time hooking up LEDs? It's all good, we won't tell. These strips will make you look like a pro from the start. Start with these, and never look back. By far our brightest, and easiest to hook up. Combine with our Home AC Adapter and / or Junction Box for the easiest plug and play no-hassle setup money can buy. Installs in minutes, not hours!