An AC Adapter easily converts the high voltage from a wall outlet to the low voltage required to power LEDs. It steps down input voltage from 110V - 220V AC to 12V DC output voltage.

Oznium's efficient switching adapters are available in three convenient amperage's to suit your project needs: 2 amps, 3.25 amps, and 5 amps.
2 amp = 1-3/4 W x 3-1/4 L x 1-1/8 H
3.25 amp = 1-3/4 W x 4-1/2 L x 1-1/4 H
5 amp = 2" W x 4-1/2 L x 1-1/4 H

Which amperage is right for me?

You first need to figure out the total amperage draw of your LEDs. Suppose you are powering 16 feet of our LED Ribbon Strips which use 130 mA per foot. Note: mA is an abbreviation for milliamps, and there are 1000 milliamps in an amp, so 130 mA = .130 amps

16 feet x .130 amps = 2.08 amps

While the 2 amp AC Adapter would work for this application (16 feet of LED Ribbon Strips), it would be at the limit of its capabilities. The LEDs may not reach their full brightness potential, and the 2 amp AC Adapter may work harder than it should. In this case, it would be better to go with the 3.25 amp AC Adapter.

To make the connection easier, each unit of the AC Adapter will come with a extra 2-Wires to Female DC Barrel Jack .

⬇️ 2-Wires to Female ⬇️

Each unit will come with a special cord to convert the standard plug to two exposed wires.