The Surface Mount LED Bar is the epitome of 21st century engineering. This ultra slimline LED packs an incredible punch of light, that's guaranteed to fully light even the darkest closets, and deepest cabinets. Also, since it's armed with extreme weatherproofing you can be assured the Waterproof SMD Bar will stand up to any weather conditions you throw at it.

Use the Surface Mount LED Bar for seamless under-cabinet kitchen lighting, under-bed glow, even around paintings or ceilings for a truly astonishing, unrivaled glow. With our 'White' color rated at ~6500 kelvin, the Surface Mount LED Bar is truly brighter than the sun!

And, of course, as with all our ultra energy efficient home LED pieces, you can leave it running all night without worrying about excessive heat.

The waterproof Home SMT light bar is only 0.16 inches high, 0.41 inches wide, and 20 inches long, but the illumination is , with 30 SMD LEDs pumping out an amazing intensity.

They can be cut every 3 LED's which is equivalent to 2 inches. You can then use both sides! Its unfortunately not possible to attach new wires to the middle of the cut portion. If you need the cut section to remain waterproof, you'll need to apply silicone, epoxy, or some other waterproofing material.

This waterproof home SMT Bar provides a wide angle 120 degree viewing angle. While the bar is bendable, you should be aware that it is not as flexible as some of our other strips, simply due to the ultra durable metal waterproof housing the LED light bar is enclosed in.

This product is perfect under your cabinets! For this photo, a Pure White SMD Bar was used for a crisp, futuristic look. If you're looking for a more familiar warmer glow try our warm white SMD bar.

12V Home LED Light Bar

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