Go portable with Oznium.com Brand Batteries and our versatile battery holders. Using our Oznium.com Brand Battery, (or any) battery with these slim-line connectors will enable you to put any type of LED glow, where you want it, on your terms, without the hassles or limitations of an outlet.

We've all had those installs that we've avoided due to the wiring it would need. Sometimes wiring 6 feet through a baseboard for some lighting isn't viable. It's okay, we understand. Why not install a quick & easy power pack of (8) AA Batteries instead? Tight space, or remote area for an installation? Our mini 23A packs a punch of power, 12V ready, with less than half the size of a AA battery.

Have a quick, or remote install that only needs to be there for a couple of days, maybe even hours? Our battery packs are the surefire answer!

Battery holder does not come with batteries. The batteries are available separately.

How long will the battery last?

First, figure out how many amps (or mA) the items you're powering draws.

The average heavy duty alkaline battery (Duracell, Energizer, etc) will provide about 2000 mAh. 2000 mAh = 2 amp hours. Which means for 1 hour, it can power about 2 amps. Or for 10 hours, it can power about 200 mA.

This is of course highly simplified, but you can use it as a general rule of thumb. Its best to test the batteries with your project first to make sure it will work as intended.

Generally, you can use these batteries to power a handful of LEDs, small LED strips or tubes.

You probably shouldn't try to power really long LED strips, Cathodes, nor EL wire which draws too much power.

Pack of 8 x AA size batteries: about 2000 mAh
1 x 23A size battery: about 50 mAh
1 x 27A size battery: about 20 mAh