Use with our 12V Battery Holder to power your LED project / setup on the go!

Light up project lighting / multiple feet of lighting at a time, without any power source needed! Setting up a tent, trade show event, or just need some proper lighting for 8-12 hours? Grab a couple of packs of AA Batteries, a battery pack, and you'll be set through the night!

Lighting just a few feet or LEDs / items, for up to 6-8 hours? Grab a 23A with a 27A/23A Battery Holder for 12V instantly, less than half the size of a AA battery.

No cheap pile mercury batterys that last for a few hours. The (8) AA pack successfully light up a Tri-Chip LED strip at full luminosity for over 48 hours. The 23A lights it up for 2-3 hours (depending on color).
  • AA : 1.5 Volts : Super Alkaline : Packs of 4
  • 23A : 12 Volts : Super Alkaline : Packs of 5