Battery Holders - (8) AA & 23A - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I would like to power up an LED blue strip about 1 meter long. Would one 23A battery be enough to power it up? If yes, how long? If not, what can I use to power it up? - by Sean
The 23A is not powerful enough to power the strip for any length of time. 8 AA batteries would power it for about 6 hours.
How long might i be able to run 3 led lights on a deep cycle marine battery?
The lights are 36w 10-30 VDC 2 amp @ 12v (each) - by Stephen (Texas)
It depends how many amp-hours your deep cycle marine battery provides.
Once you know that, you can easily figure it out.
do u have a27 or a23 holder? If yes how much?
i wanna put it for a 150cm led do you think is enough?
We carry the 23A holder & batteries: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder
Battery holder is $1.99 & 5 pack of batteries is $ 2.79. It will work with your leds just fine.
I want to run two 40mm red LED rings (12 led's each) How long can I run them using a A23 battery? - or using 1 A23 for each ring? Don't know the draw but I think they are .8 watts each ring. It's for a costume helmet so the battery pack needs to be small enough to mount in the helmet so 8 AA's will be too big. - by JOn
Once you know exactly how many milli-amps each LED ring draws, it'll be a simple calculation.

Pack of 8 x AA size batteries: about 2000 mAh
1 x 23A size battery: about 50 mAh
1 x 27A size battery: about 20 mAh

As you can see from the above list, 1 x 23A battery runs 50 mA for 1 hour.
So if your LED ring draws 100 mA for example, it'd last about half an hour.
I am trying to run an led bulb in a lamp, maybe 5.6 watts, 12 volts, and .46 amps. What battery pack do I need? It only has to run maybe an hour at a time... - by Elizabeth
Either of these would work: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder
How long would one of the 5 Meter 5050 LED strips last with one of the 8xAA packs? - by James (Springfield MO)
Depending on color, 2 hours or less.
Can the wires handle a load of 6A or just burn out?
The wire can handle the load but the leds won't last long. That's a lot of amps for a battery pack.
will this work for a 72W led strip? - by Brad
It will "work", but it won't last long at all. You're much better off using a more powerful battery pack with higher amp hours.
Can the 8xAA pack power one of your led inline controllers or the music interface device in conjunction with the led strips. If so how much amperage does each device draw so that I know how much to deduct from the lifetime of the power supply? - by Matthew (Lexington, KY)
Not really. Its better to use a much stronger amp hour battery.
how long will a 23A battery last if I want to run it on two (4w 12v led light)?
It won't even have enough power to light up such an LED.
How long will 2 1.2 AA batteries (Rechargeable) power my 1.7 LED
Sorry, need you to be more specific.

1.7 what LED?

watts? amps? volts? inches?
Is there an on/off button on the battery pack? if not can you attach an on/off switch for us?
There is not an on/off button on the battery pack.
Happy to custom make something, but only if you buy a large quantity.
I want to power a 12v .21 watt button led light, will the 23A provide enough power for 8-10 hours or will I need to go with the 8/AA? Thanks. - by Glen
The 23A would work for you.
Each pink leds is about 3.5v and 20ma. and ive connected it in 2s which makes it 7v per 2 led. So would i be able to light it up using 8aa batteries? Any suggestion?
Yes, but 12v is greater than 7v, so they'd light up really bright, and then burn out quickly.
Im trying to light up 288 leds which i've connected in two's which is series parallel way. How long will they last?
Depends. Can you first figure out how much current all of the LEDs draw?
what is the dimension of the 23A/27A battery holder in millimeters?
As shown on the Technical Info tab:

Dimensions of 23A/27A battery holder: 1.363" L x 0.481" W x 0.472" H (34.64 mm L x 12.23 mm W x 11.99 mm H)
I'm planning to use your Ribbon LED strips to illuminate a gun safe that is in the mail. A rough estimate of length is about 10 feet of LED ribbon. According to 16.4 feet = 2 amps, 10 feet will draw 1.2 amps, which gives me about 1 hour 40 minutes of runtime at 2 amps per battery pack. If I run two battery packs in parallel, I'd get twice that, correct? I'm hesitant to drill a hole in the safe for the sake of a power outlet; I'd prefer to keep everything self contained.

Thanks in advance!
Yes, you are right. When you wire it up in parallel, you'll keep the voltage the same, and just increase the amps (time).
I'm looking to sew some LED's into a garment, I figure it would take me about 56" of LED's to go around the edge. Using a rough calculation with a 300 led 12v strip I get about 550mAH? So I'm thinking that I can use 4 CR2032 batteries at 12v and roughly 880mAH correct? I'm trying to minimize the size as much as possible as this is for a vest on a search and rescue dog. - by David (Allentown, PA)
A CR2032 battery has a capacity of about 220 mAH at 3.0 volts.

If you put 4 of them together in series, you'll get a capacity of 220 mAH at 12 volts.
If you put 4 of them together in parallel, you'll get a capacity of 660 mAH at 3.0 volts.
Will a a23 battery power 2 10mm leds if so for how long will they be very brite.
Yes. Please see the section "How long will the battery last?" on the battery holder main page.
How long will 8xAA batteries last for 30 cm of 12v 1.2amp 5050 led light strips?
You sure its drawing 1.2 amps? That seems awfully high for a 30 cm / 12 inch LED strip. Should be more like 100 mA.
I'm planning on putting LEDs on a dirt bike, about 2-3 meters of lights. I need a power source, but don't know what to use. Would a 4x AA pack work? or would I need an 8x AA or one of the different A37/A27 batteries? Thanks.
8xAA would be best.
I want to use your LED lights to backlight an art piece. The size of the piece is 13X19. I would like to know 1} which battery holder would you suggest? and what LED's you could suggest, Thanks! - by Kathy (United States)
The 8XAA Battery holder. I'm not sure if 13X19 is feet or inches. You could use any of these strips https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips or any of these LEDs https://www.oznium.com/loose-component-leds
I am trying to connect 96 UV LEDs and 3 Blue LEDs to one power source using batteries. Do i need a lot of batteries for this setup, or would the 8xAA work fine? - by Mikhael (Estero, FL)
You'll have to experiment with the number and type of batteries to get your desired lifespan. The 8xAA would light them up, but no sure how long it'd last.
Can you run the led strip off of a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery for use on a boat? - by Matt
Hi there, I need a small and light battery to operate RGB lights 16.4 ft (5m) waterproof. Do you think I can use 2x 12v 23A batteries? I appreciate your input. Thanks
here are some of the product specification:

Light source: LED (5050SMD); Power: 36W; Input voltage: DC12V; Length: 5m / roll; LED Qty: 30pcs/m (150LEDs per roll); CB color: White / Yellow; Color: RGB; Size: 5000*10mm; Silicone casing waterproof; Every 3LEDs cuttable; No RF interference; No UV light to avoid insects around; Easy to install with strong 3M adhesive at the back; Low power consumption,high intensity; Low heat during operation; Long operation life: 50,000 to 80,000hrs; Operating temperature: -25°C ~+60°C. IR Controller: Working temperature -20°C ~+60°C; Supply voltage DC5V, 12V, 24V; Size L50*W35*H22mml Output Three CMOS drain- open output; Output current <2A(each channel); Output power 5V:<30W,12V:<72W,24V:<144W; Connecting Mode Common anode/ cathode; Remote distance more than 10M. Power Supply: Output: 12V, 2A, 24W

Thanks one more time. Please suggest a battery that your company sales as I will purchase from you guys. Thanks again
No. The 23A battery can handle up to 200mA. you need a lot more power. We only carry two types of batteries. Good luck on your search.
I want to light a model ship display case with two LED MR16 Spotlights 12V 4W(340 Lumen - 50 Watt Equivelent) 3200K, plugged into two MR16 LED light sockets. Would I use two 12v Battery Holders to power the lights? How long would the batteries last? - by Bill (Carlsbad, CA)
You could use two. It might only last about 30 minutes.
where can i find these lights that are AA operated
A single AA battery is 1.5 volts. If you use 8 of them, that is 12 volts. You'll need 8 AA batteries for our LEDs
Hello, Love the site, plan on ordering but wanted to ask what would be the brightest wired LED's I could buy? I would use the AA battery pack, I wanted to use the piranha strips and the tri tubes but I have read they need 12v. Thanks - by Mark (United States)
Our Flood or Spot lights would be the brightest to use on a 8XAA battery pack.
My application needs to have 9 red LEDs, 4 of them will be on for 2 or 3 hours at a time and the remaining 5 will be on for short periods of time (like running lights and brake lights). Space is limited for a power source, so do you think the 27A will keep it going long enough. - by Daniel (Phoenix)
Depends on the LED and how much it pulls.
Hi I want to try your product in my car. If i got 2 20 in. tri chip bars how long would the battery pack run them. Dave Canada - by Dave (Saskatoon,SK Canada)
Depends on the battery pack.

Pack of 8 x AA size batteries: about 2000 mAh
1 x 23A size battery: about 50 mAh
1 x 27A size battery: about 20 mAh
Can one A23 battery power the transmitter that is used for the remote control molex connector kit you sell? I will be using it in a small enclosed area to power one small servo unit. Do you sell a battery holder for the A23 size battery? - by Frank (Va. Beach, VA)
The 27A holder also hold the 23A battery. It will power the remote control unit.
I have bought led lights at cost co they take 3 aa batteries I live totally off the electrical grid and want to run these lights off my 12 volts how can I do this - by Faye (Oregon)
You should maybe be already on a DC system which would work for these lights since they only use small amounts of amperage. Or you could hook them up to AA batteries. We carry a 4 pack holder: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder.
Im looking to wire up a RGB LED ribbon, its roughly going to be about 5 feet long and i want to wire it up so i can get at least 4 hours of wear. Im going to be wiring it so that i can wear it. I am curious as to how many of these battery packs i'll need to sustain that kind of lifetime effectively. and how i'll wire the battery packs together. Thank you - by Gregg (Vermont)
One battery should last you approximately 4 hours, it would be easier to take an extra battery if using the 27A or a full battery pack of 8 AA's will work fine for you. No need to wire battery packs together.
how long can i draw 20ma current from this please?
The average heavy duty alkaline battery (Duracell, Energizer, etc) will provide about 2000 mAh. 2000 mAh = 2 amp hours. Which means for 1 hour, it can power about 2 amps. Or for 10 hours, it can power about 200 mA.
if you just hook this striaght up to an led and then you just put all of the batterys in will it light up?
(hooking up without a switch) - by eddie
how do attach the switch to the pack? - by eddie
With butt connectors, glue, tape, or even solder.
hi im planning a production where our dancers will be having led strips strapped around them. prob needing more than 12+ feet of led for atleast 2 hours. how would this work? - by Jeffrey (United States)
With batteries and battery holders. With 12 feet and 2 hours of operation, you'll need some
Bigger batteries that have more mA to them. Our battery packs hold about 8 hours or so with about 10 feet.
I need to run with less than 8 AA batteries. So the 1-battery holder appears to the necessary. I understand that the 27A is a 12 volt battery and should power my application. What is the 23A battery? Is it also 12 volt - what is the diff between 23A and 27A? - by Geoffrey (Maryland)
Size. Both physical and amp hours.

1 x 23A battery: about 50 mAh
1 x 27A battery: about 20 mAh
I know nothing about led s but am trying to learn. I bought 2 headlight bulbs consisting of a gang of leds. I thought all I had to do was to hook, (1), them to a 12v source and it would light. It did not. What do I need to make the lights work? Thank you, Dave - by Dave (Zanesville, Ohio)
I'm not sure. A headlight bulb with a gang of LEDs? No idea what to do with that. If it doesn't hook up straight to 12 v, then I would contact the manufacture.
what is the best battery pack for a single led strip of 2.4inch and how long will it last?
The 8 pack AA would run a small strip for 24 hours or more, the smaller 27a battery would last a couple of hours.
how do put two battery packs together from a r.c. car to make it go faster??
Not sure. Contact the RC car manufacture.
Will the 27a battery holder be enough for power 2-3 led strips, 2-4.7" strips and 2 single leds? they are all going on a Traxxas Stampede for night runs.
Does the 8 pack holder come with an on/off switch? If not, do you have one?
I plan to light about 40" of white LED per battery pack. How long will they last? - by Martin
The Battery Holder does not come with a switch, this is sold separately here: https://www.oznium.com/switches. Depending upon which strips you use, the battery pack could last 3 to 48 hours.
i am wanting to put about 10 to 20 of the million color prewired leds on my guitar. so i will need a batter for them. the AA pack is a little large for where i need to put the battery. so how many 27A/23A should i wire in parallel to power them for say at least 1hour - by Matthew (Cincinnati Ohio)
If you used a 19 inch Flexible LED Strips [https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips] you would have the number of lights in RGB that you are looking for. You could run this off a 27A battery for several hours.
Will the pack provide enough power for an entire Car Underbody Neon Kit and be just as bright as the car battery?
No. You'll need a much larger battery.

Trying to power an underbody kit with AA batteries, would be like trying to Kayak Niagara Falls - just isn't going to work.
First i would use rechargeable batteries, but my question is how can i hook up a solar panel to recharge these batteries? - by dave (buffalo)
The batteries we have are not rechargeable. Also, we don't sell anything solar yet, so we are not experience in how to install solar to charge batteries.
If I wired two of your 8 AA battery packs in parallel and used a 38" white led strip how long would those two parallel battery packs power that strip?

Would I be better off to wire the two 8 AA battery packs in series?

So would wiring them in series or parallel give me the most operating time? - by Michael (Oregon)
As you know, when wiring the battery packs together in series, the voltage is added together.
When wiring the battery packs together in parallel, the amperage is added together.

Series: 12v 12v = 24v. If you hook up your 12 volt LED strip to 24 volts, the strip will burn out rather quickly (< 1 minute perhaps) and you will be sad.

Parallel: 2000 mAH 2000 mAH = 4000 mAH. The batteries will now provide twice as many amp-hours. Your LED strip will stay lit for longer. And it will be given the right amount of voltage.

First, figure out how many mA the LED strip draws. This info is available on the "Technical Info" tab of every product. As you can see, the 38" White strip draws about 360 mA.

You can calculate by dividing (battery milli-amp hour capacity) by (LED current draw):

4000 / 360 = about 11 hours
Would the 23A 12V power a 12V DC Inverter for use with a substantial length (10 meters) of EL Wire? - by Andy (Beavercreek, OH)
No. A 23A size battery provides about 50 mAh (that means 50 milli-amp hours) of power.

I'd guess your 10 meters of EL wire draws at least 2000 to 3000 mA, which is way more than 1 x 23A size battery will power.
How long will the 8X AA battery pack illuminate a 20" LED tube that draws 120 mA?
Since the 8X AA battery pack provides about 2000 mA of power:

2000 / 120 = about 16.6 hours
How long will the 23A size battery last if it is used with a 1 foot Ribbon LED Strip? - by Roger
First, figure out how many mA the Ribbon Strips draw. It depends slightly on the color. This info is available on the "Technical Info" tab of every product.

So, lets say you choose the 1 foot blue which draws 80 mA:

You know that the 23A size battery provides about 50 mAh, so you can calculate by dividing (battery milli-amp hour capacity) by (LED current draw):

50 / 80 = 0.625 hours = or about 37 minutes
Can I put together two or more battery packs to make the my LEDs light up longer? - by Luis
Yes you certainly can put two or more battery packs together to get more run-time.

You'd want to wire then in parallel. Here's two diagrams which explain the wiring difference between series and parallel.

Battery Wiring in Parallel

Battery Wiring in Series
If I got one 8 x AA battery holder how long could the batteries operate a strip of LEDs? The strip is 120 cm long and has about 100 led lights on it. - by cody
If the strip is wired in 12 volt configuration it would have approximately 33 parallel circuits of about 20mA each. This would require 600 mA to power at that current the batteries would have an amp hour rating of about 768 mA hours. Which means technically it would run the circuit for about 45 minutes to an hour. But in reality each resistor also uses energy and the strip probably consumes more like 2 amp hours of electricity. So even if the battery pack lit up the strip (it may not due to the high current draw), this setup would be impractical and expensive. A better alternative would be a small lead acid battery or ni-mh high current pack.
How do I connect Flexible LED Strips directly to this battery holder?
Can I also put a switch in between? - by Tim
Its just 2 wires. Positive and negative. Twist the appropriate wires together. You could also solder them, tape them with electrical tape, etc.

You can certainly put a switch in between. Or you may just find it easier to pull out a battery when you want it to turn off.
Could you tell me the dimensions of the 8X AA battery holder?
2 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 1 3/8"
I know nothing about LEDs. I'm trying to buy them for my son. If I buy this, could I connect LED lights to it? And run them throughout a car? - by kel (mississippi)
You could, but since the car already has a 12 volt power source (the car battery), it would be better to wire the LEDs directly to the battery in the car. You can also tap into another 12 volt power source such as the cig lighter, the fuse box, etc.
Will the brightness change with one or two AA's compared to eight? - by Brad (Jackson, WY)
Well we don't sell holders for a single AA, nor two AA batteries. It doesn't really make sense to use a single AA battery to power our lights.

For example:

1 AA battery will give you 1.5 volts, not nearly enough to power a 12 volt LED light.

2 AA batteries will give you 3 volts, still not nearly enough to power a 12 volt LED light.

8 AA batteries however, will be suitable to power a 12 volt LED light.
Which last longer the 8xAA or the 1x23A? - by Fernando
The 8xAA lasts longer. The 8xAA provides about 2000 mAh, while the 23A provides about 50 mAh.
How many LEDs can the a battery pack operate? - by Ryan
There is really no limit to the number of LEDs the battery pack can operate. You're mostly limited to the total current draw from your LEDs.