Junction Box - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

If I wanted to use a wall dimmer switch, such as those made by Lutron, how would I wire it? Would the dimmer switch need to be between the 12V adapter and the junction box? Is this correct?:
12 V Adapter --> Dimmer Switch --> Junction box --> LED lights - by WDR (United States)
It would depend on the dimmer switch, you need to check with Lutron for that. The ones that I have heard of wire to 110v so it would be dimmer switch>adapter>junction box>leds.
Will Oznium ever produce a waterproof version of this box? - by Colin (Theodore, AL)
No plans for that. You can place it inside a plastic bag or box to make it waterproof.
How many 5mm prewired LEDs could I fit into this box?? - by Dan (United States)
Junction box can handle up to 5 amps total, the leds only use 20 mA. 100 leds would be 2 amps.
Can you wire this into your $39.99 Remote control dimmer & strobe switch to control all the lighting?
will this product allow me to use leds strips on bmw f80st canabus system - by Rock (alabama)
It's a universal product, so it shouldn't be a problem
I want to run two sets of LEDs from the junction box. Can I put switches between the junction box and each set of LEDs so that each set of lights can be turned on/off independently? - by Michael (Philly)
what type of plug does this have? 5.5 x 2.1 ? someone else asked and you gave them length and dia.
Yes, 5.5 x 2.1
Does the junction box come with the power wire plug like the ones shown in options list? - by Walter (Apo, AE)
Yes. It comes with the wire in option 2 and 3 https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/junction-box#tech
Can I run this behind a fader/switch and still retain the ability to fade?
I don't have much mechanical experience as this is my first car, so this may sound stupid but i want to put blue LED strips inside my explorer. I was thinking the best way to do so would be to buy the strips, wire them to this junction box, then wire the box to a switch then the switch to a power source. My questions are: how do i wire the box to the switch? and then the switch to a power source? and what is the best source to connect to? I was thinking that i could take the switch and go directly to the battery and ground the negative wire, but then read online that the only effective way of doing so was to solder them down, i don't want to do this and am hoping there is some way around it. Thank you in advance for all your help

John - by John (Waterville ME)
You should wire the leds to the switch, switch to power supply, add fuse 6 inches from the battery. Here is diagram that might help: https://www.oznium.com/switches/rocker-switch#tech
Do i need a fuse box and fuse between my battery and the junction box? and what size fuse? 10? 15? - by Brandon (St Louis)
You don't need it, but depending on your setup, it can't hurt.
To figure out the fuse size, you first need to figure out how much current the products draw.
can this be used with your high intesity colored floods? - by Ronald (illinois)
Jonathan asked a question that got a poor response (it wasn't answered): "Which wire is the pos and which is the ground? both wires are black and one has a small white line in it so i am confused. - by jonathan". I like to splice a fuse in before I install it. There is no documentation nor are the illustrations show the black/white wire. Please advise. - by Rancisco (Tustin, CA)
The Wire with the White marking on it is the positive.
Do you make a cover that would go with it to cover the exposed connections?
No, sorry.
can you wire multiple junction boxes for more led terminals and how would you do it? - by David
You can wire multiple lights into each port, the box can handle up to 5 amps or you could wire the wiring harness' togehter into the power source. There is not a way to wire more boxes together.
Does this regulate the power it's given @12v? Or just distribute it? - by Raven (Colorado)
It doesn't regulate anything.
Could I connect this to my cigarette lighter part directly?
If not, what do I need in terms of pieces for that to work? - by Kevin (Canada)
Yes, you can can connect this to your cigarette lighter.
I'd like to add an on/off switch to the AC adapter, as with the 12 v option you show. Same idea?
Here is a drawing on different options, one has a switch: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/junction-box#tech
I want to hook up 4 led's 2 under the dash 2 in the back. Im able to do that with this right? Also is the junction box, led's and the switch all i need to hook this up? Sorry if the qiestion is a little dumb. - by Adrian (Alb, New Mexico)
Yes, this would work. You may need a fuse.
how long is the power wire for the junction box.and if i use the scion rocker switch and junction box will that ground on four led strips i want to use - by jimmy (houston tx)
1-2 inches long. Yes, the junction box has a ground on it
What's the max current it can use?
The max current has not been tested.
How many LED strips can be hooked to 1 junction boxe - by Randy (Knoxsville, Tennesse)
the junction box has 5 sets of terminals for connecting to. Each terminal can handle more than one wire if they are small enough. 5 amps total draw would be the max I would use one junction box for.
Can you use a lighted switch with the junction box? - by Shawn (Alvin TX)
Yep, you certainly can!
Which wire is the pos and which is the ground? both wires are black and one has a small white line in it so i am confused. - by Jonathan
So in order to use this in my car, I will have to find/buy another power wire?
No. This already comes with power wire. You're welcome to use it either in your house or your car.
How many strips can you wire into one junction box? I see it has 4 "pairs", so can you only wire 4 strips to one junction box? I ask because what im looking to do will have at least 12 strips (of varying lengths) of million color LED
You can wire more than one strip into a junction box. I think 12 would fit. Just insert the wires below the terminal and screw down
How water proof would you say this product is? is it some thing that could be mounted in the engine compartment or is this deffinetly for the inside of the car only? - by Jesse (new jersey)
It is not waterproof.

It can be mounted in the engine compartment, but if you drive in the rain, it would eventually fail.
Couple of questions,
1) Is this box just like street glows neon home adapter but with out the on off switch?
2) Will it work with any 12 volt ac adapter? - by Scott
Does it come with a wire so i can hook it up in a car or is it just the box?
It does come with a power wire.
does it come with the 12v adapter or is that sold seperately?
The 12v AC Adapter is sold seperately.
Would I be able to run a wire from my car battery, put a fuse in-line, and use this to get 4 different +,- connections inside my car? Basically, can I use this in my car instead of my AC adapter? - by Ryan
Yes definitely, but you will need to find an adapter that will turn bare plus/minus wires into a plug similar to the one at the end of our home adapter.
How many terminals or junctions are on this box? - by Jeff (michigan)
There are 8 terminals or 4 pairs for 4 separate products. The input is compatible with the plug size available on the Oznium 12V adapters.