Pre-wired 5050 LED - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I'd like to run this off a 5v system. Can you share the LED voltage so I can determine what resistor I'll need to swap in? Thank you.
These are pre-wired with a resistor so are designed to be powered with 12V.

If you remove the resistor, you can power the LED at around 2.7-3V (White, Blue, Green), or 2.5-2.7V (Red, Amber)

Max current of the LED: 60mA@3VDC

If you want to power the White LED from a 5V source, we suggest replacing the resistor with a 47 ohm 1/4W resistor.
If the leads are removed can it be soldered to an instrument cluster? Does it make any heat? - by George (North Las Vegas, NV)
Yes it can be soldered to an instrument cluster.
It makes a very small amount of heat, but nothing you need to worry about.
If I wire afew of these in a row do I need a resistor on each one if I daisy chain them along? Or do I just need it on the first one? - by Scott (Lethbridge canada)
They are already prewired with the appropriate resistor to drop the voltage down from ~12V, so just wire the hot leads together and the grounds together.
No additional resistors needed. And best not to remove any resistors either. Technically, you could remove the resistors and wire a certain number of LEDs in series, but unless you know what you're doing and are able to do the electrical calculations, its best to just wire them all in parallel.
Here's a diagram that shows where the resistor is on the wire.
Do these LEDs cast enough light to be used as footwell accent lighting?
I want them to be just bright enough to look good.
Yes, it'll be just bright enough to look great!
Is this more or less bright than the prewired surface mount LED? I'm talking percieved output for viewing things, not looking directly at it. - by Orn (Seattle)
Since the Pre-wired Surface Mount LED uses the exact same 5050 size LED as this product, they of course have the exact same brightness. The only difference between the two products is how the LED is mounted. With this product, we simply solder the LED to 2 bare wires. With the Pre-wired Surface Mount LED, we solder it to a thin flexible circuit board, and cover the sides/edges with epoxy.
I am considering installing this as a replacement for the grain-of-wheat bulb in an illuminated rocker switch (the existing bulb has burned-out, normally requiring that the switch be replaced.
The prewired 5050 LED looks like it will fit but I am concerned about the size of the resistor. Can you tell me anything about the size of the resistor? I am assuming I would have to do some surgery relative to the resistor to fit it into the switch body.
A 470 or 560 ohm depending on color.