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Most people avoid working with tiny LEDs, because installation is tricky and time-consuming. Sometimes there just isn't enough space for other solutions, and they're crucial to a project, but unpleasant to work with, especially to waterproof at such a small size.

Let Oznium do the work for you. Our 12V super bright SMT LED modules are 100% waterproof and come with a built-in resistor and a couple of feet of wire, so all you'll need to do is plug them in. A super easy DIY LED solution that will make even a first time installer look like a time tested professional. Could it be any simpler?

After months of development and testing, our testers unanimously decided: "Probably not." Our exclusive ultra thin LED module is better than any others now on the market! Compared to standard 5mm LEDs, our super bright surface-mount LEDs will blow you away, having you run for sunglasses, and back to our website to re-order!

Each super thin tiny LED light is a uniform, evenly distributed punch of brightness, with five times the brightness of a regular 5mm LED, they distribute light more evenly for a uniform professional looking DIY installation, and will work with any 12-volt system. These super bright LED lights use very little electricity and give off virtually no heat.

The World's First "All In One" Universal LED Solution - We take only the highest quality super bright "5050 size" surface-mount LEDs and attach them into a tiny, custom designed flexible circuit board. There's a built-in resistor, a couple of feet of wire (sorry radio shack) on the LED module for a seamless install. To make installation even easier, and based on customer requests, we've even added ultra-thin 3M super adhesive material to the back. No need to use the glue gun every time you have to install an LED.

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super bright 12V prewired led motorcycle lamp, motorcycle neon glow
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12V Universal Plug and Play Technology On Board - Unlike some other project LEDs that require an engineering degree to install, these LEDs are truly ready to go right out of the box. They are "pre-wired" to work on any 12-volt DC system. Automotive, Motorcycle Lighting, RV, Trade Show, Casino, Retail Storefront, Home Accent Lighting, Project Lighting, and more.

Oznium.com Exclusive Product - We pulled out all of the stops on this LED and had a custom designed "all-in-one" solution created. Another Oznium.com exclusive, this super bright LED isn't available anywhere else! Don't accept shoddy knock-offs, always trust authentic Oznium.com products.

Easy 1-2-3 DIY Installation - Simply hook up the red wire to positive and the black to negative (ground) of any 12 volt DC power system. Doesn't light up? Don't worry - It's OK! Just reverse the wires, and it will light up! The pre-wired LED module has a built-in polarity protection system (just don't feed it 1.21 giga-watts!), and is covered by our unparalleled hassle-free 1 year guaranteed warranty.

This Super Bright LED Module is square shaped, with a very wide viewing angle for a smooth & balanced even distribution of light at any distance. Also, our surface-mount LEDs have not just one, but THREE lighting chips packed into one LED for ultimate brightness, 3x the brightness of any other "surface mount LED". The lights can easily be attached to any surface with the use of the included 3M sticky tape. Just peel, stick, and glow!

Buy More, Save More - Why not get a few of these super bright prewired LEDs in every color? If you purchase ten or more, and we'll even drop the price. Where else can you get this much bright for your buck?

Using an RGB Controller ? - (Million Color / Rainbow) We've got you fully covered. The LED module has 4 wires, a universal common positive, and three negatives. (If you receive the led with one red and three black wires, the red wire if the hot lead; the black wires are the blue, green and red in that order starting from the black wire next to the red wire.) We've got a handful of LED Controllers to choose from, including our most popular Freedom Controller if you don't already have an RGB / Rainbow LED controller.

The RGB (Million) won't change colors on its own unless you hook it up to a controller. If you're looking for a tiny LED that changes colors on its own, check our exclusive RGB Color Changing LED.

Surface Mount LED Colors
Surface Mount LED 5050 vs 2835

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