LEDs are a great way to light things up, but why spend time fiddling around with a soldering iron when Oznium.com has inexpensive, ultra-bright, pre-wired LEDs ready to ship to your door?

These incredible lights feature a resistor soldered to the base of the unit, which is then secured with 3 layers of heat shrink for guaranteed safety, security and effectiveness. Each LED comes with 20 inches of red and black power wire attached as standard, so you can install it just about anywhere in minutes.

There's no doubt that being able to solder your own resistors and properly heat-shrink the base are a great set of skills to have. But what if you're working on twenty lights? Do you really want to solder each one by hand? Oznium.com's pre-wired LEDs take the work out of your hands, and allow you to get to business lighting up your project.

Our customers find that these LEDs are perfect for art projects, air vents, speaker grilles, headlights, taillights, dome lights, door handles, door pockets, and even boats, trucks, and around the home. If there's a power source and a need for bright light, the Oznium pre-wired LED is perfect for the job.

Pre-wired LEDs draw tiny amounts of battery power, emit next to no heat, last for years, can fit into small areas, and cost less than $1.70 per unit, which makes them the least expensive lighting option on the market.

Our regular style is 12 volts and comes with 20 inches (0.5m) of Red/Black 26 gauge wire.

You can also order a fully-custom LED to your exact specifications:
Need something with 145 inches of black/black zip wire?
Only need 2 inches of wire and 5 volts? No problem!
We can produce it in just a few short days.

So what are you waiting for? Buy today, install tomorrow, and light up the night for years to come!

pre-wired 3mm LEDs
NEW! We've added a new style of pre-wired LED called a "superflux 4-chip". They are slightly larger than the standard 3mm and 5mm, but they put out a ton more light. Be sure to check out the Pre-wired Superflux 4-chip LEDs.