NEW for 2018: 12V Delay Timer Relay
Two versions are available: 0-10 seconds and 0-999 seconds with digital screen.

When the delay timer gets triggered, it will start to count down based on the time set.

0-10s delay timer:
- Can be set between two LED lights
(When the power supply is connected, LED light A will turn on; After few seconds (0-10s), LED light A will turn off and LED light B will turn on) ⇒ more details on below video.

0-999s delay timer with digital screen:
- Wide range of time slot can be set
- Clear screen display to show the countdown time
- Best when used with a momentary switch Bi-color Anti-vandal LED Switch

♦ 0-10s Delay Timer Relay

♦ 0-999s Delay Timer Relay