This is like a bite-sized, mini version of our Remote Control Dimmer & Strobe Switch.

The biggest benefit to you? It has memory, so when you remove power, it will start right back up on the same mode/speed you last left it on.

Why is this cool? Its so tiny and easy to tuck away, you could set it to your favorite mode, and then forget about it.

- Make your own motorcycle taillight strobes to draw more attention. Just set it on one of the super fast flashing modes.
- Heartbeat fade in / fade out mode for event decoration, costumes with LEDs, etc.
- Strobe modes for headlight flashers.
- And of course it can be used for many more cool projects. Use your imagination!

We have two different out look for Inline LED Controller, but function is same.

Waterproof? No, but with a bit of silicone, you could seal up the ends.

It can power up to 2 amps, which is A LOT of LEDs ;)