All of our dome lights already come with these.

For certain custom projects, where you don't want to cut into factory wiring, just use our pack of dummy bulbs.

Don't know exactly which size you need? No problem, we send you the entire set of four, so you can pick the right one.

Just snip off the connector, and hook up the red and black wires to your 12 volt LED project.

We include the four most common bases in each pack.

(These bases fit 99% of vehicles)
  • 194/168/T10
  • BA9S Bayonet
  • 1003 Bayonet - popular with RV owners!
  • Festoon (adjustable spring loaded)
Some customers have used these for:

- Custom LED trunk lighting with our Ultra Thin LED Light Bar. They used the festoon dummy bulb to quickly tap into the dome light in the trunk, and send power to the LED bars that they cable tied in place.

- Custom LED dome lights. One customer made a special LED dome light with our standard LEDs that could easily plug into his 194 dome light socket without modifying any existing wiring the car.

I already know which size I need. Can I just buy that size? I don't need all the others?
Sorry, but we sell these bulbs as a package and have no plans to make them available in individual sizes. We know this is inconvenient for some customers, but the handling for this low-cost item turns out to be too expensive to do it any other way. If we stocked each of the 4 different sizes individually, it would take more warehouse handling time and lead to more shipping mistakes. And more customers would mistakenly order the wrong size. So even though it may seem wasteful, we are saving everyone time and money by simplifying the way we sell these bulbs.