High Intensity Waterproof LED Spotlight - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Will they fit for 24 V?
The spotlights will work on 12-24VAC/VDC.
What is the maximum distance the both the 1 watt and 3 watt will illuminate a surface?
The 1 watt will shine a beam of light up to 5 feet, the circle of light gets smaller with this distance. The 3 watt maybe 8 feet, I have not tested for that but that can be done.
Are these per pair or a price for single - by Daniel (California)
If you order a quantity of "1" you will receive "1" light.
So for example, if you need "2" lights, please order a quantity of "2".
I have side body kit on my car with an air scoop in it. I want to put these in that scoop area. Would these be to bright for other drivers? - by Allan (Portland, OR)
I'm looking for better headlights for my golf cart --currently using rectangular/bulb units 2" X 6" -- suggestions ? - by Gale (The Villages, FL)
Maybe one of these tractor lights would work for you, completely waterproof: https://www.oznium.com/tractor-work-lights
I want to use these on a pistol grip sprayer that has charged spraying material. Will this introduce static into the system or cause any static issues? - by Phi (Louisville, KY)
How would you connect the spotlights to landscape cable
Simply strip back the wires and twist them together. You could use electrical tape, screw terminals, etc...
Would these lights work well for flounder giging off the front of a boat?
Yes, many people have used them for that.
Are these lights dimmable? Do they require a constant voltage or constant current dimmer/driver? Do you sell a dimmer for the product? Thanks in advance! - by tyler (ottawa ontario canad)
No, not dimmable.
Can these spots be aimed or are they permanently fixed at 90 degrees from the surface they are mounted to? - by John (New Jersey)
They will be fixed at 90 degrees from the surface you mount them to.
You could certainly mount them to something that can be aimed though.

Its a bit bigger and brighter, but our 10W Eclipse LED Spotlight can be aimed.
I want to use these lights for my landscaping. I just planted 7 palm trees, will they give enought light for my trees. Shooting from the groung up?
We have not tested them this way. They most likely will work, but you may want to add more that one spot light to each tree. Depends on how you want it to look.
can these be hooked up to use with a remote? - by Frank
Can these be hooked up to the Music & Flash interface?
What is the approximate diameter of the coverage from the "spot" light at 3 feet? - by Lou (Honolulu)
About 6-feet.

I am tring to find red led lighs for hunting hogs at night . would these lights be bright enough at 30 yards to see the hogs? - by Phillip (Deer Park Tx.)
i`am looking for a spot light to highlight jewelry in a vendor tent in day light. - by Ernie (Punta Gorda, FL)
These would work for you, probably cool white or white would be best.
Can these run on a battery that is recharged via solar power? - by David
Would this be good enough to highlight a picture on my wall, if i hung this from the ceiling and angled it? - by David
Yes! Would be a great accent.
I'm thinking about using these in place of my regular bulbs in my taillights and was wondering if red would be better behind the red tinted lens or white and could they be used as turn signals also? - by Nicholas (Lancaster Ohio)
Use white. They won't work as turn signals.
Are there any pictures available of people using these as underwater lights for their boat? I was thinking of mounting a few of these under the swimdeck on my boat to light up the water... - by ben
My dad is looking for a new spotlight for his flag pole (only 7 feet off the ground or so). Are these capable of running 24/7 if I don't come up with a solution using a light sensor to only run at night? - by Jon (Fitchburg, WI)
They are capable of running 24/7.
Are these lights bright enough to be used as car Day Running Lights? Could they withstand a constant use of 5-6 hours (per dar) w/out any problem? Should you suggest BEAM or FLOOD leds for this use? - by Constantinos (Greece)
It is a subjective question. How bright do you want your daytime lights. They are unlikely to be as bright as factory day running lights in a single unit. You could post the question to the forum or perhaps buy one to test for your application. It would seem the spotlight version would be better for your application.
Please post the lumens for each of the colors. - by Doug (Oriental, NC)
Cool White: Min 88lm
Warm White: Min 77lm
Blue: Min 14lm
Red: Min 40lm
Yellow: Min 40lm
Regarding the aquarium question above, which is the application I'm looking at (I cant seem to make a 5mm led waterproof), would the temperature of this unit cause a problem with the fish? It is a 35 gallon tank I'm looking at, and the unit will be housed inside a volcano to light up the air bubbles rising out of it.
Do you have a night picture of these, a basic visual representation for one to get a feel of what this LED is like at night. Thinking about using it as a illumination light at the base my my dual nitrous purge. - by Lance (Memphis)
Yes we certainly do have night photos of these. Please click on the "Action Shots" tab to view the photos.
can i use these as map lights i want them to be red. or will it melt the housing
I wouldn't recommend these for map lights. They are probably too bright for what you want.

Have you seen our LED Domelights? Or you could build something custom with our 10mm LEDs, or maybe our pre-wired superflux LEDs.
thinkin about these for puddle lights on my tC. Is this your best product for an application like that? I guess 5 lamps per side is gonna break the bank! - by eric (salt lake city, ut)
These would be a great solution for puddle lights; they would give the most professional look.
i was thinking about using some of these in place of my 3rd brake light (two or three) first do you think the spotlight or the flood would work better, and second would white or red show better through the red plate on the brake light? - by Nic (West Covina, CA)
The High Intensity Floodlight or Spotlight might be too bright for a 3rd brake light application. Our Flexible LED Strips are used by many of our other customers for custom brake lights.
Do I need resistors to hook them up to my motorcycle?
No. These lights run on 12 volts.
These lights are marked 12v AC/DC. I have tested these lights on 12v AC and they work fine. Why do you say they are designed for 12v DC? I want to order 70 of these lights. - by Bill (PT CHARLOTTE,FL.)
They will work just fine on 12v AC or DC. Feel free to use them on 12v AC.
I have dancing water display using (74) 12v 20 watt sealed pond lights. How would the lumen output compare to my incandescent lights? Will these operate in parallel circuit with 12v ac from 600 watt transformer? - by William (Pt. Charlotte, Fl. 3)
The light output is tough to compare because the LED spot light has a very focused light beam - it is very bright but does not spread much compared to a standard incandescent light. They will work just fine on 12v AC or DC.
Would these lights withstand the exposure to saltwater spray if i were to use them to light my boat? - by James (Central Florida)
Should be fine. Just make sure to clean them occasionally so the saltwater doesn't corrode anything.
How hot would these withstand on a constant basis. - by Tom (Woodland, Washington)
Heat exposure has not been tested. If you're concerned about using these in an engine bay or something, you should be fine. Just do your best to keep them away from hot stuff.
If i tossed this into an aquarium like it is would i have a problem or do i have to do something else with the wires - by Josh
All you would have to do is make sure any wiring connections that might be exposed to water are secure from moisture. You do not have to do anything to the light itself.
What are the dimensions?
LED Flood Dimensions
Are these lights bright enough to be used as foglights? - by Adam
Sure! They are very bright. The Spot Light will send a very concentrated beam of light straight ahead. They aren't bright enough to be used as a fully functional fog light, but they will work great as an auxiliary fog light.