Mini LED Module - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

which ac adapter would i need to run 100 of these led modules - by @msn.com
How many watts does each module draw - by Dale (Tullahoma Tn.)
As shown on the "Technical Info" tab: 28 mA (0.33W)
I am looking for a module like this one or square, waterproof and is 12 VAC do you have one?
No, all our modules are 12V DC.
What is the forward voltage on these?

Trying to create a wiring diagram to chain 4 of these off the same 12v power source. I'm using http://ledcalculator.net/ and need the Forward Voltage (Voltage Drop).

Are the other parts I'm filling out correct? LED Rating is 28 mA, 8 LEDs (or would this be 4 since you have them on the same circuit already?), 12v Power Supply.

Or you can just tell me how to wire it and if I need a resister. Planning on using the Blue LEDs. - by Brandon (Scottsdale, AZ)
The voltage is 12v. You should just wire them in parallel. They are actually already wire together in parallel...
So simply hook them up to your 12v source.
my power source is 48v......how can I connect 8 of these? - by Raymond (Central Islip, NY)
Wire 4 in series, and then wire those 2 sets of 4 in parallel.
In reference to my first questions about covers.
I will be mounting these in a vehicles grille, out in front where road debrie will abrade at it; a cover will take th abuse instead of the LED package.

So I ask the same question again, Is there a cover for this light ?
If not will there be one ?

Thanks. - by Grev
We don't offer a separate cover, it is encased in silicone. No plans for additional cover.
Is there a Lens to cover this unit for outside use. - by Grev
They are waterproof for outside use.
Can the wires between the units be lengthened?
I was thinking three units approximately 5 feet apart.
Also, can you get these in amber? - by Grev
You can lengthen the wire as needed, they come in amber.
can u get them where they change colors? An will they work of AAA batterys?
Not yet, sorry. You'll need enough AAA batteries to make up 12v.