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Mini LED Module
Mini LED Module
Q: which ac adapter would i need to run 100 of these led modules - by @msn.com
A: 3.25 amp: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Q: How many watts does each module draw - by Dale (Tullahoma Tn.)
A: As shown on the "Technical Info" tab: 28 mA (0.33W)
Q: I am looking for a module like this one or square, waterproof and is 12 VAC do you have one?
A: No, all our modules are 12V DC.
Q: What is the forward voltage on these?

Trying to create a wiring diagram to chain 4 of these off the same 12v power source. I'm using http://ledcalculator.net/ and need the Forward Voltage (Voltage Drop).

Are the other parts I'm filling out correct? LED Rating is 28 mA, 8 LEDs (or would this be 4 since you have them on the same circuit already?), 12v Power Supply.

Or you can just tell me how to wire it and if I need a resister. Planning on using the Blue LEDs. - by Brandon (Scottsdale, AZ)
A: The voltage is 12v. You should just wire them in parallel. They are actually already wire together in parallel...
So simply hook them up to your 12v source.
Q: my power source is 48v......how can I connect 8 of these? - by Raymond (Central Islip, NY)
A: Wire 4 in series, and then wire those 2 sets of 4 in parallel.
Q: In reference to my first questions about covers.
I will be mounting these in a vehicles grille, out in front where road debrie will abrade at it; a cover will take th abuse instead of the LED package.

So I ask the same question again, Is there a cover for this light ?
If not will there be one ?

Thanks. - by Grev
A: We don't offer a separate cover, it is encased in silicone. No plans for additional cover.
Q: Is there a Lens to cover this unit for outside use.

- by Grev
A: They are waterproof for outside use.
Q: Can the wires between the units be lengthened ?
I was thinking three units approximately 5 apart.
Also, can you get these in amber ?
thanks - by Grev
A: You can lengthen the wire as needed, they come in amber.
Q: can u get them where they change colors? An will they work of AAA batterys?
A: Not yet, sorry. You'll need enough AAA batteries to make up 12v.