This rectangular LED Module is very versatile at a length of 0.58 inches, a height of 0.25 inches, and a width of 2.76 inches. Because we'e integrated our innovative waterproofing system into our Rectangular LED Module, you can use it indoors or outside for nearly any application you've been dreaming about. Place a light strip in your car's trunk, under the hood, or around the front grille for fantastic lighting effects. Use it on your boat, in your home, or in your RV.

This LED Module Light emits heat at a very low intensity so that it is not considered a fire hazard. You can leave your LED Modules on for an extended period of time with no worries. Consider exactly what effect you're trying to achieve, then place your order right away.

Our Rectangle LED Module uses three very bright surface mount LEDs. At this price, you can purchase many lights for a multitude of uses. These tiny surface mount LEDs allow a more thorough and fluid light source which gives a more consistent appearance. If you're looking for the best way to show off your possibilities, consider our Rectangle LED Module Light right now.