Works great with the RGB (Million) color style of our Ribbon LED Strips. Or even our Pre-wired Surface Mount LEDs.

Tiniest RGB controller ever.
With just 3 buttons: Color, Mode, and Speed/Bright.

A nice benefit you'll love: it has memory, so when you turn it off, or disconnect the power, it'll remember the last color, pattern, speed, etc it was last on. Re-apply power / turn it back on, and it'll go right back to where you left it. Can't get easier than that.

Common positive, meaning there's a single positive wire, and 3 negative/ground wires for each of the 3 channels (r,g,b).

Can power up to 12 amps. That's a lot of LEDs! Probably more than you'd ever want to control.

But if you must bathe your space with an immense glow, don't worry, we've got you covered.
So when you need to power more than 12 amps, just use our Inline RGB LED Amplifier.

If you just want control single color LEDs, use our Inline LED Controller.

Here's how you can use it:

Switch ON/OFF
> Hold the "SPEED/BRIGHT" button for about 1 second

Change light effect (19 modes to choose from)
> Press the "MODE" button
  1. Flash (Blue)
  2. Flash (Aqua)
  3. Flash (Green)
  4. Flash (Yellow)
  5. Flash (Red)
  6. Flash (White)
  7. 3 solid colors changing (Red, Green, Blue)
  8. 6 solid colors changing (Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Aqua)
  9. 3 colors fast flashing (Red, Green, Blue)
  10. Strobe (Blue)
  11. Strobe (Aqua)
  12. Strobe (Green)
  13. Strobe (Red)
  14. Strobe (White)
  15. Strobe 6 colors (Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Aqua)
  16. Combination (Loop all 19 effects)
  17. Fade 7 colors (Blue, Aqua, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, White)
  18. 3 colors changing - Dimmer Effect (Red, Green, Blue)
  19. 7 colors changing - Dimmer Effect (Blue, Aqua, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, White)
Change the speed for the modes (5 Speeds)
> Press the "SPEED/BRIGHT" button while in "modes"

Solid color mode (Total 20 colors)
> Press the "COLOR" button to cycle through colors

Change the brightness level for solid color mode (5 brightness levels)
> Press the "SPEED/BRIGHT" button while in solid color mode