Rectangle LED Module - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is it 22 lumen per module, or 22 lumen per each of the 3 lights in the module?
Per module
Can I hook up 20 rgb modules and extend the wires to 5' between each? - by Billy (Leland, NC)
In want to use these on my boat. Red for night vision when running. Blue for at the dock for accent lighting since the interior is blue and white when I need to work on something. I can wire the negative for blue or red for those colors to a switch. How do I get a white light?? If at all possible. - by Ron (Chardon, ohio)
Great! You're certainly welcome to use these on your boat :)

With the RGB LED Modules it'll be quite simple. There's 4 wires coming out: a common positive wire, and 3 negative/ground wires for each of the LED colors (red,blue,green). Hook the black wire coming out of the LEDs to the positive 12V source. And then wire the other 3 wires to switches, and then to the negative 12V source. If you want a white light, simply light up all three LEDs at the same time.

Here's a quick diagram for you:
RGB LED Module Wiring to battery

Or you may also consider using an RGB controller like any of these:
Inline RGB Controller
Rotary RGB Controller
can you run single colors and rgb modules inline together? and if yes, will the controller still control the rgb modules effectively? - by Erik (United States)
Please ! Tell me how many rectangle LED module light in one feet long ?
We have 90 Feet long window how many rectangle led I have to buy and what adapter go with this? Thank you ! - by Thanh (Humble,Texas)
2 modules per foot, 45, 2 amp adapter.
what is the difference between the rgb and the white modules thx tim - by tim
White displays a single color (in this case... white).

RGB displays potentially millions of colors, depending on which of our RGB LED controllers you hook it up to. Instead of just displaying a single color, the red, green, and blue LEDs combine in varying intensities to make pretty much any color.
If i want to extend the distance between the modules for the RGB ones, do you sell the appropriated wire for RGB ? Thanks Richard Québec Canada - by Richard (Montmagny Quebec Can)
Not special wire for RGB, just this https://www.oznium.com/wire-12v-and-relays/hookup-wire
What is the peak wavelength of the red rectangular LED module? - by gregg (United States)
Sorry, we haven't tested for that yet.
Do you have a wireless communication method for these? and what length of space can these be between modules and still work off of 1 power supply? - by Tim (Edina,Mn)
Wireless switch here: https://www.oznium.com/switches/remote-switch These can be run off of 30 feet using 1 power supply.
do you have any super bright LED's in the same config. and with a spacing of maybe 2 or 2.5 feet between instead of 3.5. I'm looking for a super bright (white), 3 or 4 LED rectangular module with adhesive backing, outdoors compatable, spacing of about 2', 12volt and several 100 feet - by Bob (Largo, Florida)
We don't normally stock LEDs in the same config with a spacing of 2 or 2.5 feet, but you've got two options:

1) Buy the existing product which has closer spacing, and extend the wires yourself.
2) Buy about $1000 worth, and we'll custom make new ones that have any spacing you'd like.
Do you buy the modules individually or does it only come in a chain? Also how many come on a chain?
When you add quantity one, you get just one Module. If you order 5, they will come wired together. You can simply cut them and extend the wires if you need to.
what all colors does the rgb module changeto
Any color you want...
But you'll need to hook it up to a controller.
What is the k value of the white light (warm or cool)?
Sorry, we don't have this information yet. The supplier gave us some strange readings. We are planning on testing all of our products on our new light test machine.
The description mention that it can be used on a car, but that is nearly 14.5v with the engine running. Does it have the proper resistor for that, since the voltage source from the tech info only state 12v?