Super Bright LED Pods / LEDs for Accent Lighting

2 Shapes & 6 Vibrant Colors + Ironclad Waterproofing = 1 Amazing LED Module

Multiple styles and colors including: straight or round, with a black or chrome bezel, and six super bright colors, these tiny pre-wired 12V LED modules give off an amazing, even cast of vibrant glow.

Like an LED Pod Light, these LED modules are perfect around the house, in retail settings, or even in art galleries & product showcases alike. These tiny super bright modules are 100% waterproof and durable, can be mounted seamlessly with the included 3M adhesive, to easily hook up to any 12 volt power source.

A discrete, yet super bright LED ambient / accent lighting solution, these LED modules work great both tucked away hidden, or directly visible due to their even cast of light.

The LED Accent Modules are ready to work on any 12 volt system. Just hook up the red wire to positive and the black to negative (ground).

Each super bright LED module uses (6) PLCC-2 style surface mount LEDs with a wide 110 degree viewing angle for spectacular coverage.

NOTE: Unlike the other LED Modules in this category, these super bright modules do not come strung together, and are separate from each other. To connect multiple units to one power source easily, use our junction box in conjunction with a power adapter, for a DIY plug-and-play indoor solution, getting you setup in minutes.

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