Ultra Thin LED Light Bar - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

You can't bend it around a motorcycle wheel or can you
Sorry, no. The bar is rigid.
Could I cut this in the middle and use it as two bars?
Yes, it can be cut between every 3 leds.
how durable is the 3M adhesive. I'd like to mount these to the bottom of my bass boat trailer as they are submersible.
It will last for several months but other customers have used a marine grade glue to affix them.
What gauge wire is used on the lights? How many can I connect together without losing the light output? Also, how much power does each light draw? Can i connect 12 of them without losing lumens? Thanks!
Wire gauge is 24 gauge. Each light draws 120 mA for the white or cool colors. Warm colors, red or amber draw 150 mA. You can wire 12 or more together depending on how much your adapter or transformer can handle.
Will these lights dim as they are connected together? I would like to use them as gunnel lights on my boat and would need to connect 8 - 10 of them. Also, how water proof are these and what is the warranty / return terms? Thanks!
Yes, they will dim when connected all together. We have dimmer knobs here: https://www.oznium.com/switches/mini-led-dimmer-knob

Totally waterproof, warranty is one year. Return time is one year.
do you make flexible bars for bends?
Bars are usually very rigid. We have flexible strips that are bendable, like this strip: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/super-thin-ribbon-led-strips
Will the work for navigation ligjt on the bow of a boat?
I would recommend you to use our Navigation Light which is USCG certificated.

I'd like to use this for my desk in a small, narrow spot directly above my keyboard return (so I can see they keys better). How should I power it? I have access to a power strip nearby, but what power supply should be used? Any 12v? Thx
Any 12v converter will work, our amp adapter would plug into your power plug and wire to the led using this 2 wires to female plug: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/dc-barrel-adapter And the 2 amp adapter: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Can you make a Bi LED version so I can use them as a switch back running/turn signal?
We can make a custom order for 200 pieces or you can use two of the bars and wire to your running lights and turn signals. They will perform the same as the factory lights.
can I trim to the size I need? I need 6" im making a desk lamp
Cuttable between every 3 leds.
can I wire these for turn and brake lights? One 12v signal for turn and one 12v for brake. ?
These LEDs simply have two wires: 12v+ and 12v-
It sounds like you might want to use our Switchback Driver
Can I use these LEDs for trailer brake and turn signals?
Yes, that is a good application for these strips.
Can I bend these laterally or is the aluminum very rigid?
The aluminum is very rigid and not designed to be bent at all.
How can I cap off the unused wires on the other end?
Because some customers daisy chain multiple LED bars together, we include wire leads on both sides.
If you're using a single LED bar, you can use electrical tape, or heat shrink tubing to cap off the wires which aren't used.
Is it possible to get 24" lengths? - by Russell (Washington State)
We could make that for you if you can order at least 100 pieces.
Can the wire come through the back or bottom of light? So you don't see the wire if mounted. I want to make a square out them and mount it on a mirror however don't want to see the wire. - by Bryan
Yes, the wire can either come out from the side or the back.

Ultra Thin LED Bar Wire come out side or back
Is the light bar dimmable? - by Joe (Hartford, CT)
How do I attach the light bar?
You can use double sided 3M tape, velcro, cable ties, epoxy, etc (not included, but you can find at your local hardware store).

To mechanically fasten the light bar, you can use the mounting clips/screws (we include 2 clips & 4 screws):