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Ultra Thin LED Light Bar
Ultra Thin LED Light Bar
Q: Is it possible to get 24" lengths? - by Russell (Washington State)
A: We could make that for you if you can order at least 100 pieces.
Q: Can the wire come through the back or bottom of light? So you don't see the wire if mounted. I want to make a square out them and mount it on a mirror however don't want to see the wire. - by bryan
A: Yes, the wire can either come out from the side or the back.

Ultra Thin LED Bar Wire come out side or back
Q: Is the light bar dimmable? - by joe (Hartford, CT)
A: Yes
Q: How does the light bar attach?
A: You could add sticky tape, velcro, cable ties, etc.
Q: Does this LED bar come with a sticky backing for mounting to surfaces? - by Brandon
A: No, sorry doesn't come with a sticky backing, but you're certainly welcome to get some 3M double sided tape at a local hardware store, etc.