Get super bright with Superflux!

These Superflux Four Chip LEDs use a combination of four light-emitting chips inside of the diode to make it much brighter than standard LEDs with not much more cost! Only slightly bigger than a standard 5mm LED as well.

The four chip's square shape and quad leads make installing on a circuit board a simple and easy task. Make your own tail lights, turn signals, LED tubes, or more!

The superflux four chip is also more efficient than other high powered LEDs such as 1W LEDs due to their lack of heat. Four chip LEDs do not require a heat sink or other heat protection. These are also available in a pre-wired style.

Color Voltage Current
Blue 3.5V 80 mA
Green 3.5V 80 mA
Red 2.0V 80 mA
White 3.5V 80 mA
Amber 2.0V 80 mA