Surface Mount PLCC-2 SMT LEDs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Are PLCC-4 and PLCC-2 LEDs interchangeable?
It is possible but you would need to modify the PLCC-4.
I have a white color 3528 Led in my instrument cluster. Is it still ok to change it to red color 3528 led as the voltage indicated is 2V?
You'll likely need to use a resistor to drop the voltage.
different between neutral white and white?
With "white" LED light you can choose from warm white, neutral white and cool white. The color temperature of our neutral white LED is 6000K similar to daylight.
Which SMD led PLLC-2 or PLLC-4 is used in my G37S 2009 Infiniti coupe dash cluster. Also what polarity is the notch in my dash. I want to place an order before removing my dash. Thanks
Sorry, we don't know which LED you'll need. If you're able to open up the dash and send us photos, we can try to help. Otherwise, you could try searching on an Infiniti forum.
I have a climate control circuit board that has only plcc4 leds. I saw someone use plcc2 on that same board. Can you indicate which points on the circuit board do I have to use to place a plcc2 .. - by Jay (United States)
Sorry, we don't have any idea of what your circuit board looks like.
Are these sold as bulb and socket together? Or am I to use existing socket? And if so, do you sell sockets also. Thanks Marc - by Marc (Washington state)
This LED needs to be soldered to a circuit board.
Sorry, we don't sell sockets.
I have been trying to find some one that sales or is willing to share information on how to install multicolor led blinking lights to different color lights , would like to install this type of setup to my instrument cluster 2006 sierra gmc truck .Do you sale this type of setup with instructions to install it .... please me know , or of some that you can think of that may sale this - by Hector (southern california)
Those leds do not come in RGB only single lights. You could put different colors together to get different effects. You can check on our Forum for more information: https://www.oznium.com/forum/
Is there any feasible way of getting a purple light? I don't know if the UV led's would be bright enough to work in a dash for gauges and LCD screens.
You may consider a combination of blue and red LEDs. Or you may try taking a white LED and coating it with some sort of purple color. You're right, UV probably won't be bright enough.
i have seen color changing gauge slusters i was wondering if you had the right leds for this application and what controller would i use? - by Austin (Mustang, OK)
How about using our Prewired Surface Mount LED (in RGB format), and then using any of our RGB LED controllers.
Since I can't use a 9 volt battery for testing these before I install, 2 AA batterys would give me 3 volts would that work? - by Ted (Cumming, GA)
You most certainly shouldn't to hook these up to 9 volts. That would blow them out...

As you can see on the product page, the maximum voltage is between 1.9 to 3.2 volts depending on the color of the LED.
i want to change the led in my dash on a 2002 chevy silverado how do i know if it is this led or one of the other surface mount lights and what is the difference between each one
We don't know specifically which LED a car uses, but there's a few ways to figure it out:

1) Open the dash and measure the LED. You will notice the different surface mount LEDs all have different sizes. The Plcc 3528 is the most common (3.5 mm x 2.8 mm). There's also the 0603, 0805, and 1206. You can see the dimension drawings for each of these on the "Technical Info" tab of each product page.

2) Ask around on your a car forum.
You sell a UV 5mm LED. Doesn't that put out a purple color? Does it actually put out UV light too?
Yes, it is a purple color and yes, it is a black light also.
Is there a socket mate for these so that I can hot-swap the actual LED later, if desired, with a different color, instead of dealing with soldering, again? - by APB (St Pete)
Sorry, we don't carry anything like that. You could ask the question on our Forum.
What is the difference between PLCC-2 and PLCC-4?
PLCC-2 has two leads. PLCC-4 has 4 leads, wired in a slightly different configuration.
what side is plus and what side is minus
3528 Polarity PLCC-2 LED which side positive negative
What do you mean when you say poloarity do you mean thats the negitve side - by Allan (Solon ,Maine)
Polarity describes which side is positive and negative.

One side of the LED is positive, and of course the other side is negative.

If it doesn't light up, you've most likely got the polarity wrong. Flip it around, and then it should light up.

SMD Surface Mount PLCC2 Reverse Polarity

Read more on wikipedia.
how do you wire a resistor into the led plcc2? - by mike
Very carefully. It takes great skill and concentration to solder resistors to these little guys.
Are these the LEDs for the Harley Davidson gauges?
I'm not sure what kind of LEDs the Harley Davidson gauges use.

Perhaps you can open up the gauges and measure the LEDs with a digital caliper, or ask on a Harley Davidson forum.
are these led's reusable? - by Albert (Los Angeles)
Once you solder them onto a circuit board, you can always de-solder them and then re-solder them somewhere else. Keep in mind though that they are quite tiny and thus easy to mess up.
i have a 2003 ford ranger and in the dash theres 6 194 bulbs that light it up. how do i solder these in? and do i need to use some resistors as well?
These don't need soldering. They simply slide into the socket.
I have plcc-2's when adding a resistor, which side to I add it to? The side with or with out the notch?
resistor can go on either lead of the led
what is the lumens (or mcd) rating of the brightness if these leds? and what is the viewing angle?
This information is already shown prominently on the product page.
Wouldnt the red and blue give a purple hue when combined?
Most likely it would give a pink hue.
What does an LCD display look like with white LED's. I haven't seen one, maybe the white would be too bright? I have amber now in my quad and would like to change to white or blue.
We haven't seen one either.
hey Oznium, are these ones waterproof? - by Khoa (Fullerton, CA)
Sorry, These LED's are not waterproof.
I am wanting to do led swap on my IS250 console and dash. Do you know if the PLCC-2 are what I need? - by Chipz (Denver)
Sorry, I don't know. Can you try looking on an IS specific forum or even opening up the gauge cluster and seeing what type of LEDs it uses?
Is there a indicator stating which side is positive and negative - by Anthony (Imperial, MO)
Yes. Please click on "More Photos" and look at the indication of the "polarity mark".

The little cut out of one corner indicates the polarity.
How can I get the multi-colored one in the display picture? What do you call that one? - by Bridget (Bronx, NY)
The picture you are referring to is one of my favorites. The combination was achieved by mixing red and blue.
Could these be used in applications other than gauges? Would they be bright enough to do so? Such as in a door handle? Or Grocery Bag Holder, where space is limited? - by Michael (Warrensburg)
Yes, they'd work well for lots of applications, especially ones where space is limited.

If you're concerned about how to use them, though, consider using the Ribbon LED strips, which use the same surface-mount LEDs. Very bright!
Will these work in 2000+ GM Vehicle gauges?
Unfortunately I am not familiar with all the different specifications of those cars. My best suggestion is to take your gauges apart and look around at the parts, or consult a message board dedicated to your type of vehicle.
what would you reccomend in putting in the ash of a 1995 dodge ram 1500 it has bulbs under it and ow would i hook and LED up to that? - by Zach (Croswell, MI)
Your dash lights use a 158/161 size bulb. If you wish to replace these bulbs with LEDs, you'd have to find an LED bulb with similar dimensions or find spare 158/161 bulb bases and rig your own LEDs in them.
Okay, I've pulled out the gauge cluster in my 2006 xB and this is the first I've seen of these...they are small!! My question is would these require additional or replacement resistors to the ones already on the circuit board?? I'm planning on getting 20 of the blue Surface Mount PLCC-2 SMT LEDs. Thanks - by Jimmy (Guam)
I would suggest you look on ScionLife as I am sure there are some write-ups or someone there can tell you.
I am trying to put these in a 2000 subaru forester and it has bulbs in the dash. I was wondering what type of resistor or voltage regulator of some sort I would need to use to bring the 12v 7a power source down do be safe for the surface mount LED's? - by Russ (Maui, Hawaii)
Can I get these in purple? - by Seth (Texas)
No, unfortunately LEDs do not come in purple.