The PLCC-4 size LEDs are generally used for car dashboard and gauge cluster illumination. To change the color of your dash lights, you can use these 3528 size LEDs. First figure out what size LEDs are in your dash. Some cars have a typical bulb, while others use a surface mount LED soldered directly to the circuit board.

Specifications for PLCC4 Surface mount Top Led

Size: 3.5 x 2.8mm (3528)
Viewing Angle: 120 degrees
Current: 20 mA

ColorMCD (Min.)MCD (Typ.)Voltage (Min.)Voltage (Typ.)Wavelength
White6508503.03.2x=0.30 y=0.32

Action Shot of PLCC-4 LEDs

Difference betwen PLCC-4 and PLCC-2?

PLCC-4 has four leads. PLCC-2 has two leads. They are wired in a slightly different configuration.
A = anode/positive
C = cathode/negative

Please note: The max voltage, depending on color is somewhere around 3.5v, thus these LEDs will be damaged if hook them up directly to 12v.

LED Gauge Swap Installation

If you don't feel comfortable soldering these super small LEDs onto the circuit board, you can hire an installer.
Some may be local to you, otherwise you can take your dash gauges out of the car and send it to the installer.