Flexible Marine LED Strips : Ultra Energy Efficient & Unrivaled Glow! - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

your page states "At this time, you can't pause or set the color. It is all automatic. But we're working on a new controller that will give you more control. Buy these today, and you can easily upgrade to a new controller in the future" Do you have any idea when this new controller will be available?
Could be 2-3 months.
Can these bend in all directions easily or just side to side?
In all directions, it is our most flexible strip.
Will these work ok on a 12v landscape lighting transformer? I have an existing one powering some other lights I'd like to add this to. - by Charles
As long as the transformer is for DC the strip will work.
Can I mount a waterproof LED strip (not strip bar but just flexible waterproof strip) on the LED side? I want to mount this to plastic so it has a glow through it. Will it melt into the plastic? If I mount them with epoxy or super glue, wait for them to dry, and then spray insulation foam, can the heat from the LEDs catch the spray foam on fire (I'll add extra electrical tape and possibly heat shrink to the connection part)? - by Chris
The strip does not get hot. You will be fine with what you want to do.
I need to connect (4) 6' strips in parallel along the length of my boat, how do the strips connect together? - by Chip (Virginia)
One set or wires off one end, 3 ft long, wire positives together and grounds together. You can solder the connections.
1. Do your flex strips come with 2 way tape ?
A. If so I have heard that the tape will come apart from the back of the light which is silicone.
B. Any truth to that ? - by Bob (Florida)
Yes, double sided tape is included in the package, it is not attached to the strip. Works fine, not sure what you mean that is comes apart.
I would like to run these white 38 inch strips down both sides of the engine compartment of my boat. I really don't want to glue them and I don't want to have to put zip ties ever few inches. How ridged are these strips? - by Bill (92382, Running Sprin)
They are flexible, not rigid. How about putting them in an aluminum channel? Or just use a strip that is already rigid: https://www.oznium.com/linear-lights/smd-bar.
On your home page there is a picture of a light strip,with a caption reading "3d rendering", are these strips flexible (can I install them in curves say from left to righ with the lights facing forward? - by Javier (San Jose, CA)
Yes. They are the Flexible LED Strip https://c7f18bfd95533c304910-d5dafa989ba9369a28040fb82b0c7ae4.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/9RKl.jpg
Can these light strips be installed underwater? and are the million color changing?
Yes and yep!
can I use these light strips inside a pond(surrounded by water at all times?)
ok I'm going to get 4 19 inch led strips to make fishing lights with so can I wire all the leds to run off a car battery and if the battery dies can I also have a plug wired with the wires to the car battery to plug it into a generator. If so how would I wire it up and what kind of 12V adapter do I need to do all of this? - by William
You would need to plug the Adapter into the generator and then wire the strips to the Adapter. Our 2 amp Adapter would be all you need.
I'm skeptical. You market these and other lights on your site for automotive and marine use at 12v. Any auto or boat with the engine running is going to be at 14 or more volts and at least 13.2 when connected to shorepower. Are your products actually designed for the real typical voltages found in auto/boat environments or are they spec'd at exactly 12v and therefore require a driver/regulator for the claimed life of the product? - by Rob
We've been selling these for boats and cars including other 12v vehicles for about 9 years. We didn't start this site yesterday. We've sold hundreds of thousand of the Flexstrips and customers use them in their car/boat with no issues.

These are designed for fluctuation in voltages.
Can these strips be used with the Remote 4 Channel Million Color Controller
$99.99 so that they flash with the music playing in the boat?
No sorry. Flex Strips = Common Negative; 4 channel = Common Positive.
I just purchased three 19 in. blue strips. If they are two bright do you sell a dimmer control? - by William (Green Cove Springs,)
Yes, it is the Rotary Style Dimmer & Control Switch [https://www.oznium.com/switches/rotary-led-dimmer]. It works great and is easy to hook up.
can you mount these in the rub rail of abass boat - by Ricky (Lawrenceburg, Tn.)
I think the impact would destroy them.
what is the recommended fuse for the led lights? - by Jonathan (Kirkland, WA)
It depends on how many you are using and the length. Check out our chart at https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips#tech
what kind of switch would you recommend, I want to put them in my sailboat galley, and do I need a transformer or do they come ready to mount - by Bob (northern MN)
None of our switches are waterproof, if they are inside any of them would work for you. If your power source is 12v no transformer is needed.
What is the wavelength of light of white strips?
It is not noted and I am trying to figure out how "blue" these are. - by Brad (Big Pine Key, Fl)
469 for all sizes. This information in now posted under Technical Info.
What is the difference between the LED Strips and the Silicon Encased LED Strips besides the obvious......silicon encased, they are both waterproof, correct? Can one withstand more water than the other? Is there an advantage to either? - by Cliff (Brick NJ)
The use different LEDs. The Flex Strips use 3mm LEDs, while the silicone encased strips use 5050 LEDs.
if i were going to connect several of these strips together in order to run the length of my rod box, which is roughly 13 feet, what kind and what size fuse would i need? would it be any different if i were to use only 6 feet of lights? - by Tyler (California)
Each strip pulls a different amount. Check out Technical Page for the mA ratings and times those by how many strips you use to get the Amp amount they will pull.
how far would the blacklights light florescent fishing line at night - by mike (tennessee)
10 to 15 feet maybe. You'd have to experiment and see if it will work for your needs. Obviously depends how you mount them, and ambient light conditions.
i just bought 3 uv 19 inch strips can i wire all three together and run one wire to the battery. i guess what im saying is wire three in series is this going to cause a problem. using 18 ga wire. - by Hampton (Gladstone, VA)
Yes, you can wire all three LED strips together and run one wire to the battery.
You should wire them in parallel, not series.

Look at this https://www.oznium.com/blog/multiple-wires-to-power-or-tap-into-a-single-wire/
Can you wire the led strip directly to a boat starting battery? - by John
Yes, but you need to use a fuse as well.
Can these light strips be mounted under the splash rail or below the water line - by John (Milledgeville, ga)
are the strips dimable
How brite are the lites- I need to lite up the rod storage area on my boat , how lond a flex strip should I get ? - by bob
They are very bright.
I would get one as long as the length of the rod storage area.
Are these super bright LEDs?, if so what is it candle power?
Please visit this link...

All the technical specifications are on this page.
What gauge wires do the lights come with, and is there a place on your site to order extra.
its around 18 gauge. You can order more wire from here:
How long are the wires for attaching to a power source.
Our Flexible LED Strips come with about 3feet of hook-up wire pre-attached.
how many diodes per inch. are there differences in diodes as to light emitting, like a flood light vs spot, is there a flood diode and spot diode? - by Ben (wisconsin)
There are 3 LED's per 1.2"
why does the price per foot increase with the more you buy? - by Dewey (chattanooga,tn)
It decreases.
2 questions, how tight of a radius can the lights wrap around? For example will the 4.7" long lights wrap tight against a 1.5" diameter pipe? Also how do you attach the strip?
Yes, they could wrap around that diameter. You can attach them with glue, tape, cable ties, etc.