Waterproof Marine High Intensity LED Flood Light - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How do these differ from the 3w Flush mount bolts? - by Michael (Sacramento, CA)
A few main differences:

These are physically larger and have a different mounting concept.

These have an internal LED driver, whereas the LED bolts have no LED driver (just an internal resistor).

These are aluminum, whereas the 3W LED bolts are stainless steel.
Does it matter which wire hooks to the positive.
Hook the red wire to positive.
How many lumens are the spot and the flood light? - by Stephen (North Carolina)
Please click on the "Technical Info" tab.
You can then see the lumens for each color.
I want to float the led flood-silver, cool white in side of a plastic jar like a peanut butter or mayonnaise jar for shrimping. They will be weighted to be about 5 ft. under the water surface. Will the heat factor of this light be to much for the plastic jar? - by Bob (Satellite Beach, Fl.)
The plastic jar will be fine.
I'm looking for marine led flood lights with on off switch built directly into the housing. - by Sean (Huntington Beach ca.)
We don't carry a built in switch, we have them separately. They are easy to wire together.
I would like to talk with someone who can help direct me to what lights I should use for lighting a vehicle for Burning Man. I have been looking at 12 volt flexible waterproof changing color high intensity LED lights for lighting to highlight a shape and the 12 volt changing color high intensity LED flood light to light the backs of a series of translucent panel. Am I using the correct fixtures for the applications? And what determines the amount of lights that can be placed in a series? - by Bob (Minneapolis and Aust)
For cars or any 12 v DC system you can use as many leds as you wish, they use almost no power. The flood light would work to highlight the panel or a strip. If you would like more assistance please call our Customer Service department at 800-245-8131.
how long will one of these lights run off a standard 9 volt battery..
Perhaps a few hours.
I am looking for a light that we can mount on a hat or helmet so We can surf at night. Will these LEDs work on battery packs that are strapped around our waist. How many of these LEDs would we need to light up a wave say out to 25 feet? - by Mike (Dana Point, Californ)
Probably 2-3 of the Spot lights, rather than the floods.
how do these floods hold up to heat - by Ryan (Coldspring, TX)
The minimum and maximum temperature range has not been tested, but we've yet to receive a single report from customers about these lights failing while exposed to high temperatures. I guess it depends on just how hot of an environment you put them in.
I would like to use the lights to put underwater on my dock. It will be about 2.5 underwater. Which light do you recommend, The flood or spot light. Wanting to get the brightest and largest light for attracting fish.
Most customers use a mixture of both, since one is very direct (Spot) and the other is very spread (Flood).
I do alot of flooded timber duck hunting and was wondering what you recommend to use for "head lights" mounted to the bow of my boat to ease the use of a hand held spotlight and what kind of light range can I expect to get out of your recommendation? - by Nathan (Arkansas)
Definitely the 6watt Flood. https://www.oznium.com/marine-led-lighting/6w-flood Probably 40-50 feet.
what gauge wire is used, is it 20 ?? and what do you recomend as conection to the main source ( solder with shrink wrap or but conectors with shrink wrap ) these will be under water and trhu my bilge area which is wet most of the time do to live well drainage and splash Thanks - by MR. (CT coast)
Yes, 20 gauge.
Solder with heat shrink tubing would be great.
Ancor makes some great marine-grade wire and heat shrink, but rather expensive. You can just Google, "Ancor heat shrink".
Its the stuff lined with an adhesive that oozes out when activated. Creates a watertight seal.
Are the LED Floods dimable? - by Jay (Tarpon Springs, FL)
No, sorry.
i am planning to install 3 of these white lights just about 1 feet below the water line, it is a saltwater enviroment. what material is the light housing made of and do i need anode? - by Koh (Singapore, Singapore)
This housing is aluminum. For salt water, an anode or some sort of primer would be a good idea.
i am looking for led lighting that would be comparable to a 500w halogen is this possible? - by Doug (missouri)
I'm unaware of a 500W LED. Sorry.
I am planning on mounting several of these underwater on a bracket off of my swim deck they will only be underwater when I am sitting still so the bracket will not catch water when I am moving
My question is if I use grommets in the bolt holes on the bracket to insulate them will this eliminate the need for anodes?
Also if I use anodes should they be zinc, aluminum or other material ?
I only run in fresh water - by Michael (gresham oregon)
You should not need anodes.
Is the wire insulation fully waterproof and submersible? I am wanting to use them to illuminate a fountain. - by Mike (Columbus, OH)
Yes! Be sure to check out the videos. YOu can see the full Flood light and wires in the water.
I am planning on mounting four floods to one switch/circuit, with an inline fuse. What amp fuse should I use? - by Mike (Burlington, Canada)
5 amp would be fine.
Can the floor light be conected to one of your LED controlers to change the output color? - by Greg (Cincinnati Ohio)
If you buy a light that is capable of producing more than one color, and hook it up to one of our LED controllers, then yes, you'd be able to change the output color.

If you buy a light that is capable of producing only a single color, then you won't be able to change the output color, no matter how fancy of an LED controller you hook it up to.
I.m wanting to put LED lights in my 18' bow rider, I have a removeable canopy so I can't mount to that. I was thinking of going with the super flux 4 Leds on the inside. Would they also be good for under the platform or should I go with Flood or spot lights ? I was thinking of Blue, Green or white, any recommendations ? - by John
I'd go with the Floods for sure. The color is depending on what you want.
How far will the one watt flood penetrate in fairly clear water?
Will rigging them in a gang significantly improve this? - by Thomas (Freeville, NY)
They will give you a nice glow under the water, the Spotlights would shine deeper into the water, but it is difficult to give an exact depth. In a group you would probably get a bigger glow.
I want to set up my flats boat for bow fishing at night. We are shooting in about 4 feet of water. please recommend spot or flood, color and spacing for continuous light pattern? Please provide beam patern for spot and flood.
Thank you Jeff - by Jeff (Ormond Beach, Florid)
For your application, I'd suggest the Spot Light. It is more direct like a flash light and should penetrate the water further.
I have several prewired superflux 4 chip LEDs on my underwater ROV,and they have worked great down to 40 feet with no problems. Which high intensity LED
light would show best for lighting beyond the the ROV at that depth, flood or spot lights. gary owen - by GARY (CANADA)
Spotlights, check out the video for these.
Do you know how many lumens the
Waterproof Marine High Intensity LED Flood Lights are? - by Deak (Homestead, FL)
Yes certainly :)

Check out the Technical Info
I'm wanting to do puddle lights under my scion xb. Would 4 on either side be too much?
That would look very cool. I'd probably go with the Spots though, instead of the Floods.
I have a 23 ft deckboat and would like to add some lights underwater on the transom while beached at night. What is the range of the lights, epsecially the blue, underwater (freshwater)? And, how many should I get? - by joe
You'd be better off with the Ultra High Intensity 6W LED Marine Flood

The range is like 10 to 15 feet.

I'd start with a couple units (2 to 4) and then if you think it needs to be brighter add some more.
Do these LEDs have built in resitors to the circuit? Since V=IR, w/ 12v DC the current draw will be a contant 350mA?
Yes, 350mA, they have a current regulator.
I'd like to mount a couple of these on a submersible rig that I'd used on a kayak for flounder gigging, do you think they would illuminate enough. The water depth would be less than 2' but murky at times.
Yep, you should try a few.
Would the High Intensity LED Flood light be a good choice as an auxiliary brake light on the rear of a motorcycle? - by Jeff
I want to mount these on the underside of my swim platform (10' wide by 3'deep). but out of the water (Blue light reflecting off the surface of the water). Will 3 lights be enough and will they be too hot to mount out of the water? - by SAM (Chester, CT)
They won't be too hot to mount outside of the water. Many people mount them outside of water with good results. Whether 3 is enough is up to you. Perhaps you can try 3 and if you think it needs to be brighter, add more?
How do you hook these lights up to run off a battery and solar panel?
Same way you'd hook them up to anything else... Just hook them to a 12 volt power source.
Could these be used as a second set of head lights? - by Taylor (texas)
Yes, but they aren't going to light up the road very much.
Will These lights with an aluminum housing withstand a saltwater environment? - by Tom (604 San Pedro Dr. Ch)
Yes, we have customers that have put these on the bottom of their boats in Florida.
I would like to use several floods to be mounted underwater on the transom of my boat. How many will give good illumination in water? - by Bill (San Diego)
It depends on the size of your boat and the type of water you are in.

Just try out a few to see how many you will need!
How do the lights attatch to the fiberglass boat? Do they just screw to the outside of the boat? - by Russ (Saratoga NY)
Yes, the most common method is by screwing them to the outside of the boat.
For an underwater installation, what is meant when you say "once you secure the wires, it can be used underwater"? - by Peter (Ontario, Canada)
Just make sure you have no exposed copper wires. For example if you splice the power wires together, make sure to properly waterproof the connection (heat shrink tubing, etc).
Which color would be the brightest for lightingup the back deck of my boat?
White is the brightest color
Are these lights the same as others you have with built in regulators? Can I just connect hot and ground to a 12V source and be done with it? - by Davin
Correct, they are 12V Ready!
I want to use these flood lights to light the back deck of my charter boat (about 100 sq. ft) will these lights work I was thinking about using up to eight of them Thanks Todd (Manistee Mi.) - by Todd (Manistee Mich.)
How much wire comes with the LED Flood Light? - by Scott (North East, MD)
Around 2 feet.
WHat is the lumen output of this light - by Greg (Ocean City, MD)
Our High Intensity LED Flood and Spot lights use a 1watt High Power LED, Please refer to the technical in for the LED itself.

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