Marine LED Ribbon Strips - Waterproof Flexible Silicone Case - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What type of adhesive will work to bond these to an aluminum boat (under gunwal lighting). I’ve tried super glue, contact cement and hot glue, but the silicone doesn’t adhere. Not able to use the screw straps as it’s the underside of my gunwal and would poke through.
Silicone works well, also marine grade glue.
Are they dimmable
Yes, they can be dimmed.
Are they available with black background instead of white?
We only produce these with a white background, but if you're able to order a large quantity, we can custom produce these with a black background.
Can these directly wire into a series that has already had the line voltage reduced to 12V and the current changed to DC? - by CATHERINE (Houston, TX)
Are theses constant current or do I need a rectifier? Bought a set before and when I switch them off they still had a very faint glow. - by Michael (Saint Augustine)
When turned off they should go off. You might have had some feedback.
would like to use these for stand up paddle board. Will these work? - by Marty (sanford, MI)
What amp fuse to install between light and battery? - by Nick
It depends how many strips you're using.
As you can see from the "Technical Info" tab, each strip uses between 80 mA and 130 mA depending on the color.
Unless you're using 100's of strips, how about just using a 3 to 5 amp fuse...
Do you have product that is able to be used as port(red) and starboard(green) navigation lights say on a kayak? - by David (United States)
Yes, virtually any of our products would work for that. Simply get a red strip, a green strip, and a battery.
Do you have any feed back on how they look under water. I want the million color capability and this seems to be the best option. I'm concernded they might not be as bright as the High Intensity Led Flood Lights. I want to really light up the water at the transom. - by Ryan (Chicago)
They would give you great light in the water. Sorry no pictures yet.
Can I get these in say 25 foot length - by Ron (Elkhart, In)
That would be a custom order needing at least 100 in quantity. If you would like to proceed let us know.
I bought a new battery for my remote to turn on my 6 foot strip,however the black receiver will click when on then off as intended just no lights , 5 years old. - by Robb (NY state)
Please call Customer Service for assistance 800-245-8131.
Are they waterproof and compatible with the app for iPhone and music beat box
Yes & yes.
I have little expirence with wiring... What else would I need to buy to make this work on my atv?
You'd just need some wires, a fuse/fuse holder, and maybe an on/off switch.
I bought the million color strips but it didn't come with anything to control the different colors what am I suppose to do?
We don't know what controller you need. It varies by person/project. https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers
I bought the million color strips but it didn't come with anything to control the different colors what am I suppose to do? - by Dustin
If you want to control the colors, you should buy one of these LED Controllers.
Do these lights come in black so they can be used to light up florescent fishing line at night? - by Paul (Elsmere, Kentucky 41)
By black, you're probably be referring to UV / Ultra Violet / Black light. These are not available in that color.

But how about using some others instead, which are available in UV: Flexible LED Strips.
Are there endcaps for them
Not sure what you mean. They have an end cap on them where the wires go through.
Can these be cut
Yes, between every 3 led section, it is marked on the strip.
Are they sold just one 12" light per $14.99? - by Josey (Iowa)
Would it be to much load for 6 of these strips to be hooked up to one switch? - by Chris (Richland, WA)
Would these hold up if attached to the transom under water?
Yes! To be safe, add some silicone where the wire enters the strip.
Any idea if these will withstand cold temperatures? Thinking of mounting some inside my boat's cooler.
Would probably be OK.
You could also try these.
Could I wrap these tightly around say a 3/4 in shaft and use them as a the basis for a rear navigation light on a boat? Will they be bright enough if a diffuser was put over them? - by Bob (United States)
Yes. But it depends how dim the diffuser is. Give it a try, and if it doesn't work, send it back.
How would you suggest mounting these to a boat - is there an adhesive backing? - by Matt
You can use glue, tape, rope, anything you want.
Can you use these in the rub rail of abass boat? - by Ricky (Lawrenceburg,Tn.)
I think the impact would destroy them.
will they run on 24vdc? - by Ohara (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
If you run them in a series of two, then you could use them on 24v.
If I wanted to string a bunch of 12" strips together under neath the gunnel of a boat, do they plug together? How do they stand up to salt water spray? - by Todd (Hudson, Ma.)
These have power wires coming out of each end, so you could string them together. They don't plug into each other though, so you'll have to splice the wires together. You'd most likely want to seal up the connections with a reliable heat shrink tubing. There's a special type that has a waterproof silicone that oozes out when you heat it up, so it makes for a waterproof seal. We don't have much testing whether these will hold up to constant salt water spray though.

You might also check out the 20 inch long surface mount LED bars which plug directly into each other. You'd still want to seal up the connections with that heat shrink tubing though. They're quite durable, and waterproof.
can these be used for camping off a small battery - by chris (Australia)
Yes, of course. For your convenience, we sell batteries and battery holders here: https://www.oznium.com/install-bay
how bright are these compared to the 10" piranha bars? - by Taylor (texas)
The Piranha bars are brighter then the silicone encased strips.
Are these submersible? - by Joel (League City, TX)