Looking for an even brighter side view LED bolt? New for 2018, we now offer a premium model: Premium Side View LED Bolt

Looking for Amber or Cool White? Sorry, we don’t have any more of those. Instead, please check out our NEW Premium Side View LED Bolts which are available in ALL colors, and two diameters: 8mm and 11mm.

Get an extra cool glow from this aluminum LED Side View Bolt, available in five patriotic eye-popping colors: warm white, blue, and green.

Can't be easier to wire up. There's just two wires, a positive and negative, so you can hook up to your nearest 12 volt source (motorcycle battery).

Commonly used for license plate lighting, but you can use it virtually anywhere else.

Fully waterproof & impact resistant.

Sold per LED bolt. If you enter a quantity of "1", you will receive 1 LED bolt.

All colors are available in either a Black or Silver style bolt.

LED Tag Bolt

Aluminum LED License Plate Bolt

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