Heavy Duty Industrial Series Adapter - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is there a cover over the 120volt connection? (Dangerous to have the Live and Neutral exposed...) - by Diego (Montreal)
No but you could cover it.
Ok here it goes, I have 5 (1 red 1blue 1 green 2 cool white)High-Intensity LED Flood Light, and 4(cool white) High Intensity Waterproof LED Spotlight in paralle. My question is do i need something this big or will the 12v 5 amp ac adapter work? - by Carlos (Houston, Tx)
The 2 amp adapter would work, you are only using 1.1 amps. https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Can this unit be connected to a dimmer switch in order to dim the connected LEDs? If so, is there a specific type of dimmer that should be used? - by Paul (Washington DC)
Any of our dimmer switches will work with this adapter.
Does this power supply work with the Music Beat LED Controller?
How many 3mm prewired LEDs can this safely power? - by Donald (Huntsville, AL)
Each LED uses 20 mA which is the same as 0.02 amps
12.5 amps / 0.02 amps = 625 LEDs
I have 2 flood lights and 2 spot lights being used underwater for fishing on my boat dock. There is about 40 feet between the lights and the power source. Will this power supply provide the power to burn the lights at there brightest at these distances. They are currently connected to a car batter being recharged with a battery charger and this isn't working. - by Thomas (Bella Vista, Arkansa)
Want to use this power supply for pool lights and equipment. Is this unit designed for continuous power on? Or will leaving it in continuous power on even when idle cause premature failer? - by Dave (Tampa)
Should be fine if you leave it on continuously.
I want to have multiple areas on different switches. How many switches can I hook up to this unit? - by Kurtis (Orlando FL)
There is no finite limit to the number of switches. 100's... 1000's...
How many Leds can use on this power supply?
It depends on which LEDs you use.
I want to power 4 sets of 12in cathodes and 4 12in led strips can i use this to do it? - by Ike (atlanta georgia)
I need to power 50ft of colored led ribbon. Will this amp suffice to make sure its all as bright as possible? - by Jose (Mcallen, Tx)
Yes, but even the 5 amp would be sufficient.
Is it weather proof? Can I use it outside. I live in Florida -- hurricane country
This is definitely NOT waterproof.

You should check out our Waterproof 2.5 amp AC Adapter
What are the dimensions? - by Jeffrey
Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 50 mm (7.9 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches)
I just ordered and recieved this product, but being a nOOb at household wiring, how do i hook this bad boy up? L, N, Ground Symbol? It's all confusing. Once I get it wired, I'm assuming that I have (2) grounds and (2) positive 12 volt sources...am I correct? Thanks
Your household wiring has either 2 or 3 wires. Your household wiring has a Line, and Neutral, and in most cases a Ground as well. You can hook up your household wiring to the power supply, and then hook up your LEDs to the 2 x 12 volt outputs.