Waterproof LED Transformer - Outdoor AC Adapter - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Do the adapters come with a white plug?
No, it only comes with a black plug.
What size Waterproof LED Transformer - Outdoor AC Adapter should I use to power a single 3W High-Intensity LED Flood Light with a Mini LED Dimmer Knob on the LV side? Or can I use a MEAN WELL LPV Waterproof AC to DC Adapter?
I would suggest the Mean Well Adapter. That will give you plenty of power for the led and also if you wish to add more.
Hi, How many of the 12v 0.5Watt LED Bolt lights can the 5A version of this power supply power in parallel? In theory, with 37mA per LED Bolt, it should be around 135 LED's?
Yes, you are correct but it is best to not wire so many leds to use all of the 5000 mA from the adapter. Using 128 to 130 leds would be suggested.
Can I use a wall dimmer before the power supply to control the lighting?
Sorry, you can't use a dimmer hooked up to the high voltage input side of this AC adapter.

You can however use a dimmer such as this remote control wall dimmer, or this dimmer knob to control the low voltage output side from the AC adapter.
can I use this transformer to wire multiple leds if they individually require different amperage? (totaling under the amps supplied by the adapter.) - by Porter
Is this a constant current or constant voltage led driver? - by Diego (Ile-bizard, Canada)
Constant voltage
How many 50 watt eclipse high power LEDs can I run off of this unit? - by Shaun (Texas)
The 5 amp adapter will run 1 eclipse.
Can I connect 150-300 feet of 12 gauge extension wire from this transformer to connect 24 of the Ultra thin LED lights (about 3 amps total). How about the heavy duty transformer with 12.5 amps?
Thanks, AP
Too heavy gauge of wire. Use 18 gauge.
I have 2 questions 1) Can this run 6 , 5 x Surface Mount Downlight - - Cool White
If not which one may i use? - by John (Purcellville, VA)
Yes, use the 1.25 amp or 2 amp.
I have a 12v output hook up 4 feet long has 2 silver wires at the end to hook up to my led lights do I assume the positive side is the side with writing on it - by Robert (Buckeye, AZ)
Just try it one way. If it works, great! If not, then simply flip it around and it will work.
There's no harm in hooking it up the wrong way, it simply won't light.
Can I plug this transformer into a timer or photocell ? I am planning on using side view led bolts as stair lighting and want to only have them on during dark hours. What else would you suggest besides a timer or photocell to achieve what I want?
Yes, it will work with a photocell, that would be all you need.
accept 12vvdc auto lighs ? - by luis (puerto rico)
It depends on the amps.
How many Prewired Superflux 4 Chip LEDs could I use on this power supply?
Since each Prewired Superflux 4 Chip LED draws 80 mA, just use simple math to figure it out:

420 mA = 5.25 LEDs
1250 mA = 15.625 LEDs
2000 mA = 25 LEDs
5000 mA = 62.5 LEDs
Is the 12 volt output end a waterproof connection?
If you need it to be waterproof, you could always seal it up with silicone and heat shrink.
Does the output end come with the female receptacle?
How many of your 16' strips, in series, could I power with this unit without dimming? I'm looking to do a room perimeter.
Each 16' strip draws about 1.5 amp, so it depends on the size of the Waterproof AC Adapter you buy. We've got 4 different sizes. The 5 amp Waterproof AC Adapter could for example handle about 3 x 16' sections.
Two questions:
1. What is the number of the UL listing?
2. Is a Data Sheet available?
This item is not UL listed. This is the only data that is available now: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/waterproof-led-transformer#tech
Does this item have a UL or ETL Certification?
What is the standard of the certification?
Thanks - by Ben (ASAP SALES)
No, sorry.
So about this product, what is the significance of the different sizes available (amperage wise) do they just make the LEDs brighter or for u able to put more LEDs on the transformer or is it some other reason? (sry I didn't see any details about this anywhere)
More watts means more lighting can be on the adapter
is this UL tested?
UL Listed, yes.
can this be used on 240v
Yes, as the product page already states, "It accepts an input voltage from AC 86V-264V (50/60Hz)."
Can this be fully submerged in an aquarium?
Yep, since its IP68
how do I use this product with a flexible led strip? Do the output and input wires attach to the strip? - by A.j.
1) Plug it into any 110v wall outlet
2) Hook up the respective 12 volt power wires (red and black / power and ground) to the Flexible LED Strip

How to hook up LED Strip to power supply
I can't see the end of the input wires or the end of the output wires. Please advise how many input wires there are and their color. Also, how many 12 volt dc output wires are there and what their color is. Thank you
For output there are two wires, one blue and one brown. Input side has three wires, green, brown and blue.
Does this transformer have the right adapter to use with your Piranha and tri-chip bar lights? Can a dimmer be used on the line side of the transformer or does a 12V dimmer need to be used on the load side? - by Cory (Fort Worth, TX)
You can hook these up to these lights, it has wires ready to wire to 110 v and lights. Dimmer would need to be on the load side, they transformer will be dim.
Can i dim the leds with this product? - by Chip (Los Angeles)
No. This is only a power source.
Can I run 20 of your 1 watt flood light led's over a distance of 150 ft.
Can I use a photo cell to turn in off and on - by Todd (Texas)
Yes, in parallel but the transformer only handles 2.5 amps. You could, but be careful, the voltage is not stable from a photo cell.
Can I hardwire this Transformer to 14-2 electrical wire for an in home application?
Can I attach a strand of Ribbon LED lights to this Transformer? - by Gavin