New for 2021. 100% Oznium exclusive. Designed from the ground up, to be sleek and fully waterproof.

Turn the knob all the way to the left and it will "click" off. Turn the knob clockwise and the brightness gradually increases from 0% to 100%. The best benefit for you: this 12-24 volt IP67 Waterproof Mini LED dimmer easily mounts to a panel. So all the electronics are hidden away, and you're left with just a tiny knob.

  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Just a simple turn of the knob to dim your LEDs for low-light ambiance. Easy-peasy!
  • SMOOTH CONTROL: Intelligent energy-saving dimming circuit is designed for steady and smooth operation. No flickering or blinking.
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM HOUSING: IP67 Waterproof, suitable for outdoor & boat application.
  • COMES WITH 2 KNOBS: A black and a silver. You get both for free in the package, so you can just pop one off and change the style.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Works on any 12-24 volt DC system. Power & control up to 4.8 amps at 12 volt and 2.4 amps at 24 volt (that's a ton of LEDs!) with ease.

  • How to mount:
    Just pull the pressure-fitted knob straight off, loosen the washer/nut, and attach to a hole drilled in a panel (about 10mm).

    Wiring is simple
    Waterproof Dimmer Wiring

    Boom! Quick, easy, reliable dimming in one compact piece of next generation solid-state LED electronics.

    If you're up for some hacking, and need to fit this in a tight space, you could even de-solder the knob (which is a variable resistor / potentiometer) from the board, attach new wires, and mount it remotely.

    LED Dimming Switch Knob