Super bright pre-wired LED lights are a huge time saver!

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Great product and FAST shipping

Jeff Weihing from Denver, CO

I purchased the prewired LED's on Dec. 23rd and received them on Dec. 24th!!!! Crazy quick shipping for a great product. The first batch of LED's is for prototypes and I will definitely be ordering more.

Awesome Customer Service!

Erin C. from Forest Grove, OR

I ordered 10 5mm orange pre-wired LED's 3 days ago, I just got them in the mail today! I didn't even pay for fast shipping. I plan on installing them in my jeep tomorrow!! Thank you every one at Oznium for getting me my LED so fast, especially with the holiday!!!

Great product and super easy

Zamdriverj from Plano, TX

This product makes life so much easier for someone looking to do some custom lighting work. With the LEDS and resistors already prewired, it made the installation super easy.

My only complaint is that the LED's only lasted for 2 years (almost to the day). I used the LED's in my cupholder (one 3mm white in each cupholder). Not sure why, but one of them went bad and began flickering. However, at the cost of less than $2 per LED, I don't mind replacing them every few years.

These pre-wired LED's are great!

Barry from Renton, WA

I refurbish vintage Kenwood stereo recievers. I upgrade all lighting in the recievers, with the Oznium pre-wired LED's. They work great, are a low power draw compared to incandecent lighting, and they also run much cooler. Very important, with vintage gear! I'm also able to use different colors, to customize the lighting! That gives a whole new look to the recievers. I do use 400 grit sandpaper to diffuse the LED's, as they are transparent, but that's okay with me. I've tried the LED's from China, but I feel Oznium makes a far superior product. Keep up the great work. I'll always use Oznium!


Michael M from Charleston, SC

Ordered some of the prewired 5mm on a Thursday, got them the next Monday with normal shipping. Can't complain about that. Prewired resistor makes for quick and easy install. Only thing I didnt like was the wires were very small and hard to strip, and the soldered end of the wires didn't work to give power to the lights. Other than that, I love the lights. Will be ordering some more in the near future. Thanks Phil and Oznium


Dennis J. Aitken from Lake Geneva, WI

I purchased 2-flexable LED strips, 1-3mm, 1-5mm, & 1-Superflux to see what I would like and what would be best for each project.
I had questions that were answered right away and for me communications is the #1 best salesperson that any company can have.
OZ will be my ONLY choice for LED purchases.

Fast Delievery!

James from Oklahoma

I bought a hand full of blue and green prewired LEDs and was expecting it to take a couple of weeks before I received them. Three days after I pushed the order button they were in my mailbox! Thank you for such amazing customer service. I have read nothing but great reviews on this site, it really makes me comfortable buying from Oznium. I will with out a doubt be buying all my lights from here, Thanks again!


Robb Dodge from Freeport, TX

Wow that fast mail it got here next day!!! So I order green LED hook up on my 87 shadow vt1100 gosh it so glow and bright look like gost rider man!!! it awsome!!! Thank for our business ya great sell price it work perfect! We will keep business again for life!!!


Peter O'Connell from Dublin, Ireland

I used these on a motorcycle and they improved my visability by 100%. A very cheap way to improve safety.


nick from Shy-Town, IL

hi i am only 15 and i installed this in my home theater it was super easy and all leds came in like 3 days i will be posting some pics later on


Gerrad Cranfill from Spokane Valley, WA

I INSTALLED OVER 40 PRE-WIRED LED'S IN MY 2006 SCION Xb, 4 COLD CATHODE KITS, AND 4 FLEXIBLE STRIPS. everythig was so easy to install, not gonna lie it did take me a while to install everything and get them all wired together, but it was wel worth it. i did all the work myself, and at the time i did the work i was 18 years old, and had never done work like this before. i reccomend all these products to everyone... I, myself am going to order some more lights for my brand new 2009 scion xB, and do the same thing with it as i did with my old xB. i have never seen anyone do the led's on the door panels before so that my signature install so if anyone would like to do that, i would really appreciate it if u would email me or talk to me, about doing it on ur ride. just common curtiousy. thank you... if anyone has any questions about anything feel free to message me, and ill try and answer ur questions to the best of my knowledge.
jar_head2001@hotmail.com. thank you. my name is Gerrad!

So Clean

Terrence from Arlington, TX

Thanks Oz, l got my new 194 light. Installed them in less than a minute. It feels like l got a new car. I jus bought 2, lm coming back 4 more.

These buggers are BRIGHT !!!

DarkTari from Bowie, MD

Shipping was fast! Tested with 9.6v as I always do before installation, very bright, did have 2 bad ones but contacted Oznium and they shipped replacements pronto ! When installed in door pockets on 12v...... Ba-LING!!!!! Customer service is top notch! Installed back in September, so far so good. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future...

Great LEDs!!!!

Al Hudgins from Chicago, IL.

I ordered 2 blue 5mm LEDs (1 for each of my front cup holders in my 06 Scion tC) and these things really are as bright as everyone is saying!!! Shipping was very fast also, shipped out on a Wednesday and I received them that Friday (and thats with standard shipping). I love these lights and the customer service is top notch. I'm definitely gonna be buying many more things in the future...Thanx Oznium :-D

very disapointed


out of 25 oh the red 3mm leds that I bought I had 13 NOT WORK! 5 of which I already installed and now have to remove and replace almost $20 of leds that are junk! defiantly make sure they work before you install them


Adrian Edwards from Lethbridge, Canada

These lights are grossly bright. I can't imagine how bright the superfluxes are....

Power draw is minimal and four of them, pointed upwards, light up the roof of my Cavalier nicely. Two of them under each seat create a beautiful cone of light in the rear footwells for a cheap price.

Wiring is easy, as always. Couldn't have asked for a better product.

effin awesome

Paul Montaos from Bristol, VA

they did it again!!! awesome products as always, and shipping is uncomparable!!!! most recomended site evah !!


Joey from California

I just got these a couple days ago, with the cheapest shipping received them the day after they shipped! Also I'd like to add not only does Oznium.com have fast shipping but great quality! These little suckers are amazing, and get this, I hooked them up to 9.6V not even a 12V battery yet and they still shine, I will definitely be purchasing a lot more from Oznium.com

Great product!

Christopher Doades from Vincennes, IN

Really great LEDs. Bought some to wire up in my fog lights. They are really bright and last forever. Too bad my fog lights got water in them and shorted one out... Still a great product and an excellent price!


Matt Bear from Blue Bell, PA

These are great, i ordered 7 days ago, and they arrived today. Not bad from Cali to PA. I hooked the blue LED to a 9v to test, and holy crap its bright, even without full power. im really excited to install them. I'll post pics later

Thumbs up

A Zarate from Chula Vista, CA

Great product, great shipping time, great quality. I seriously had no idea what i was getting with these leds, but when they showed up in a days time and i hooked up to my battery for a quick test i was shocked at the brightness they are now installed in my side vents side pockets in door handles. I am ordering more to make my headlights glow blue.

LED's Everywhere

Robert Russ from San Bernardino, CA

I put 2 LED's in my headlights, and 2 in my taillights they are awesome. I'm gonna put some in my air vents and in my back hatch, they are so bright.... I recommend them to everyone...

Oznium.com forever

Soopah bright, pre-wired convenience

Matt Cook from Dublin, OH

These LEDs are great - *very* bright. The pre-wired ones allow you to simply hook them direct to a 12v power supply - no futzing with resistors or solder required - and are heavily insulated with heat-shrink. Very pro-looking with minimal effort - totally win/win. Thanks, Oznium for marketing a good procuct at a good price.

Jim Nesbit from Pittsburgh, PA

Bought these to replace the stock orange LED in my shifter bezel. Made it real easy to cut off the stock LED and wire these in. Plus they're super bright and high quality. Thanks Phil and Oznium!

Neil Anderson from Burnaby, BC

These things are awesome. I used them to replace my old dull dash lights in my 1986 Hyundai Pony. Now I am able to see what speed I am doing at night! FINALLY! Check out my pictures in the gallery, it's under Hyundai Excel.

MICHAEL BEAMER from Portland, OR

I think these are great put them in my boat also used the ones I had to solder resistors to. Both are EXTREMELY BRIGHT and work well I used white so I can go fishing at 2 am cook breakfast and read the paper (they are that bright) also put in colors ( mood lighting for the ladies) also used them for indicators on my switches so the indicators match the color of the light on that switch GREAT LIGHTS BRIGHTER THAN I EVER IMAGINED AND VERY LITTLE DRAW ON THE BATTERY NO BATTERY PROBLEMS IN THE RIVER cheaper and better than any boat lights I could find anywhere also cheaper than leds anywhere ABOUT A YEAR AGO I FOUND A RUBBER DUCK DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS OZZIE MOUNTED HIM ON THE TOP OF MY TROLLING MOTOR NOW I KNOW THAT IT WAS FATE AND I WAS DESTINED TO FIND THE BEST LEDS AROUND AT THE BEST PRICE

Jose Roca from Lutz, FL

huge time saver, i have wire some leds teh "old fasion way" and it took forever just to get the resistors on. for a bit more, you can get all that done, save yourself headache and time, and have it wired up and glowen in next to no time, oh, and they are quite bright. Great product, thanks Phil

Matthew Mosman from Waltham, MA

Great product. I needed a few colors to make an indicator for my wireless switches. I am going to use 4 LEDs of different colors mounted under my coin tray area. I have soldered and sealed up LEDs before but I figured why not do this project fast and easy. Great product. Also make sure to get some of the LED holders much more professional. These would be great in a race car or as any type of indicator. I have red, blue, green and UV and they are all great.

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