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Flexible LED Strips
Flexible LED Strips
Q: the picture you show here looks like its bieng used in a pool application are these submersable if not do you have led submersable strips
- by wes
A: Yes, in a bucket of water, they are submersible.
Q: Is there a simple way to test a 30 led flexible led strip prior to installing? More specifically can I simply touch the red wire to the + connector of a 9v battery and the black wire to the - connector? I don't want to damage them. Thank you, Kim - by kim (san antonio)
A: Yes, that would be fine but with a 9 volt they may be dim. You could also test them on your car battery.
Q: Can those led strip flashing: i mean from right to left or left to right in sequence?
A: This is pre-programmed with the built-in module to fade and change colors automatically, that is all it does.
Q: Can I use my illumination wire to hook up the light
If it is a 12v wire
A: We've never really played with illumination wire, so we can't be sure. Try it.
Q: which light strip do you sugest for a bathroom shower situation - by Paul (omaha ne)
A: We have several products under Flexible LED Strips as well as products under Home LED Products that are waterproof that would work in that application.
Q: I want to put these behind my TV. Is this possible? What do I need? - by RYAN (HIGHLAND, CA)
A: Yes, this is possible. Many of our customers use these for entertainment system lighting.

You will need an AC Adapter, and a Junction Box.