This high intensity LED flood light packs the punch of a high powered halogen flood light and more, with ultra-low energy consumption! This versatile product was designed to provide multiple options for your auto lighting needs. Forget those tedious hours of soldering resistors; just connect these LEDs to your 12V power source and you will have the smallest flood light you've ever seen! It can't be easier!

This High Intensity LED can easily be hooked up to your car for the convenience of an inexpensive, high tech, weatherproof auto accessory. You can use it for auto glow in for your car's front grille, in your trunk , foot-wells, wheel wells, under the hood, on headlights , or even along the dash warning lights.

This product is truly and fully waterproof; once you secure your wires, it can even be fully submerged for years of underwater brilliance. And your options are endless, because this wonderful waterproof module is available in six variously vibrant colors: warm white (3300K), white (6500K), red, green, blue, or amber.

Each High Intensity LED comes with 3M Tape so you can easily mount it.   

Do you need larger holes for mounting your LEDs?
We offer an elegant mounting bracket solution.

We also offer a SPOT LIGHT

The spot light projects a thin 25 degree powerful beam. Its great for drawing attention, illuminating something specific, or creative projects.

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