Surface Mount LED Light Bar - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

how long is the wiring for each end and what is the connection?
Male end is almost 2 1/2 inches and the female end is almost 3 1/2 inches long.
which looks brighter cool whit or warm white? - by Charlie
Cool White appears brighter, but Warm White actually puts out more "usable" light.
how many can be plugged in end to end? - by Tom (Clifton NJ)
You could easily plug in 10 end to end. After that, you'll likely start to notice they aren't as bright. You could then just run new power wires to the next 10, and so on.
To compare apples to oranges, would one of these in white be brighter than the Tri-Chip LED Tube in white? - by Chris
No, the Tri-Chip would be brighter.
has anyone used them in a fish tank before?
Yea, we've seen a bunch of people use them for aquarium lighting with fantastic results.
are these led strip dimmable?
From the spec, each bar draws 200mA. I should able to hook up 8 of them with a 3.5amp PS right? I'm a bit worry about the little connectors between the wires, it won't over heat right? - by Louis (Whitestone, NY)
You will be just fine with a 3.5Amp power supply
What is the power source for these? I am looking to add accent lighting to the inside of a tanning bed. - by Jeff (Arlington VA)
12 volt. DC
How do I power the surface mount led bars when used outdoors?
Same way as if indoors - use an AC Adapter.
Do you have type of outdoor lights that would work on our church cross? The cross approximately 15'x6'x12"
These Surface Mount LED Bars are perfect for that!