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IR Sensor Switch
IR Sensor Switch
Q: Will it control LED lights? - by Don (Yuma Arizona)
A: Yes
Q: How long is the switch, my walls are only 4" thick. - by Don (Yuma Arizona)
A: Dimensions: 0.67" x 0.67" x 2.08" (17 x 17 x 53 mm)
Q: What is the activation range for this switch?
A: As shown on the "Technical Info" tab...
Distance of Detection: 3-10 cm (1.2" to 3.9")
Q: If I use this in a truck how much amperage draw is there when off?? Is it a concern with a truck battery?? I want this to trigger puddle lighting for each of four doors of a crew cab. So this means with four of these switches installed is there a large current loss?? - by Ron (Concord, Ohio)
A: The current draw in "standby mode" is 8 mA.
Q: Is it 120volt or 12 v
A: 12V DC
Q: What is the IP rating? - by Colin (Mobile, AL)
A: Not sure, made for inside use.
Q: does this draw any current while it is off.
A: Yes (there's no way it'd work otherwise)