Automatic IR Proximity Sensor Switch - Magically light up 12V LEDs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How does this mount?
There is a piece of double sided sticky tape that can be used to mount it a surface. Silicone could also be used.
Can the activation distance be increased to say 16" instaead of 6"
No, 6 inches only.
I second the inverse of this switch. I have gull wing doors that people run there head into. I would love to put a proximity switch to a siren on it to stop people before they wack the door.
Since you want the switch to close a circuit when something is blocking the IR sensor, you can use a 5-pin relay to achieve this.

The output is not consistent. I am getting jumps of voltage. Is there a setup mode?
No, make sure there is nothing in the way of line of sight for signal.
Please let me know if/when you come out with a momentary ir sensor that is activated by motion (reverse of this one). I would have many uses for such an item.
Thanks for the suggestion. We will notify you if we should start to carry this.
I am constantly driving my car too close to the curb when approaching a parking space. Scratched and gouged fire glass front end. I close proximity sensor that would either activate a light or via a relay sound my vehicle horn when "getting too close".
Possible or not. I'd have to address the "non-waterproof" feature though.
Thanks, BG
The switch usually turns a light on when the signal is not interrupted, interrupted it shuts off. For your application a light would be on all the time and would go off when too close to the curb. Activation distance is 6 inches.
Is the center pin positive or reversed? - by Jerry (Washington the State)
WOW! Just what I need! Please tell me, what is the response time, (How quickly will it switch from "Off" to "On" when "uncovered", then, from "On to "Off" when "recovered"?). Thanks. - by Geoffrey (Spain (Girona))
Is this item waterproof? - by NELSON
I think this works in reverse.When you walk up to a kitchen cabinet for instance,the light should come on, Am I missing something here?.
When nothing is directly in front of the infrared sensor, your LEDs will light up! Even putting you hand in front of it will turn you leds off.
Can it work in reverse? So when and object is close it turns the relay on? - by Barry (United States)
No sorry.
i think this would be super cool if you could up the sensors range and have it turn ON with motion and go off with no motion. would be pretty cool to have sensors on the side of a vehicle and have them power on like underbody lights or what not when someone walks past like in a parking light at night with a light sensor as well so it doesnt turn on during the day.
i think that would be super trick! - by Addiction2bass
Thanks for the suggestion, you never know what we will come with next.
Is this magic?
Yes, works great!
I know this may sound stupid but... Will this work in complete darkness? For instance if have this hoked up to an LED light and I am standing in total darkness and have my hand over the sensor and then remove it (while still in total darkness) will the light still come on?
what is the distance needed in front of the sensor in order for it to work, looking for clearance in a amp rack - by Kevin (berwick nova scotia)
As shown on the "Technical Info" tab:

Activation Distance
Less than 6 inches (15 cm): light is OFF
More than 6 inches (15 cm): light is ON
This means if something is 6 inches or further away from the little infrared "eye", the unit will activate your lights to turn on.
Is it possible to wire two together since I have two sliding closet doors? - by Matthew (Cali)
It is indeed possible.
Your information page says that these turn the LEDs OFF when somebody comes near - surely it'd be more useful to turn them ON? - by Jeffrey (Khancoban NSW)
Depends what you're trying to do. What are you trying to do?

If you're trying to use this in a cabinet, then you'd surely want them to turn OFF when something is close (a cabinet door for example), and ON when something is not close.

If you'd like the opposite, how about using one of our 5 pin relays? You could achieve the opposite with that.
Is it possible for you to integrate the dimmer function into this IR sensor switch?
Its possible.
If you can buy 100 units, we're happy to do it for you.
Otherwise, if you just need a few, how about getting this plus a dimmer?
What is the power consumption of this device when idle? (output is turn off) - by Pascal (Suède)
About 8 mA