Works great around the house, for example in:
- kitchen cabinets
- drawers
- closet doors
- & lots more

Also works great for marine/boat applications:
- doors
- cubbies

Of course works well in cars too, such as in:
- glove box
- center console
- even under the hood

The point is simple: ONLY give you light when you NEED it.
Your LED strips will light up when something is open (like a door, panel, drawer, etc).

How does it work?
When something is close to the infrared sensor, your LEDs will turn off.
When nothing is directly in front of the infrared sensor, your LEDs will light up!

Voltage: 12 to 24 (VDC)
Max current: 3 Amps (36W @ 12V)

Works great with our AC Adapters (just plugs right in).
Or, you can always just snip off the power plugs, and wire up directly to a low voltage (12v - 24v) source. Then wire in your LEDs, LED strips, LED tubes, LED floods, etc)